Kelly McNeil

Kelly McNeil

Everywhere I go, I am visiting Zoos, Wildlife Reserves, Wildlife Refuges, or National Parks. I’m dragging my family around while I sketch the lazy animals, and photograph the active ones.

To me, a painting has to capture the drama and personality of the subject. I have learned so much about our natural world since I have begun studying wildlife. I have also discovered the abundance of wildlife I hadn’t ever noticed in my own backyard: Deer, Blue and Night Herons, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Red Tailed Hawks, and Owls are just some of the few.

On my parent’s Cape Breton property I have discovered the Bald Eagle, Herons, Deer, hawks and owls, along with King Fishers, Loons, Seals, Osprey, Bob Cats, Coyotes, and Whales.

My current passion is painting animals in water. I love the abstract quality of reflections, shadows and the pulse of the sea.

To some, art may be a hobby, a passion or even a career, for me art is my life. I take pride in every piece I produce and strive to learn and perfect my technique as I continue to explore the natural world around
I accept commissions if interested contacted me at my studio.

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