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Kenneth Clarke

Kenneth Clarke

I ,am a self taught artist from Tyneside England.I started with art in 2005 making small clay sculptures and simple sketches to relax from a busy lifstyle competing and running a successful gymnasium. Art took on greater importance in 2007 when I decided to retire from sport after winning all major competions including, British champion and Mr Universe. I was left with a huge void in my life. My interest in art turned out to be a blessing so I focused intensely on developing my own style. My education for art was 30 years ago in school and my experiences in life. My art has become an important part of every day. The background I have from bodybuilding influencing my interest in figurative and abstract art. I love great music and physical movement to music.I paint with bright vibrant colours and often create dramatic, intense images as well as soft beautifull figurative paintings. I,m always excited to start a new painting because sometimes it unexpectedly turns out even better than I had imagined it would. Infact my catch phrase is "see with your imagination".

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