Kevin Cooper

Kevin Cooper

Kevin lives in Cornwall, England and spends his time applying graphics to surfboards, photography, artwork and surfing.

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This day started with a heavy mist up and down the coast but it soon burnt back but did leave an interesting light.

This was actually someone else's photo-shoot, I was walking home along the top of the beach when I saw these silhouettes by the shoreline.

A surfer walks back after an evening surf.

A surfer getting ready to jump off the rocks for an evening surf.

A scene from the waters edge on a cloudy day in Cornwall.

Kevin Cooper has uploaded Lone Boat

An old boat laid to rest now some distance from the sea.

Kevin Cooper has uploaded Storm Pier

Stormy day in Brighton on the south coast of England, barely got the water off the lens before getting this shot...luckily missed a few drops which help show the changeable weather of the day.

Kevin Cooper has uploaded perfection

Empty perfection, an early morning treat on the Cornish coast.

A small harbour entrance on the east coast of New Zealand with the distinct silhouette of a Pōhutukawa tree creating an interesting shape.

Taken in New Zealand across the Manukau Harbour from Auckland. Its great when the light illuminates the depth of layers.

Surfer in the barrel with text and photo from a local beach placed behind.

Kevin Cooper has uploaded Red Cutback

Text from old 1960's 'How to Surf' book and a movie poster laid behind the outline of a timeless turn.

Kevin Cooper has uploaded Surf Posters

Dedicated to the history and iconic artwork on posters from surf culture over the decades.

'Turn Yourself Free' is homage to the joy and freedom felt when doing a good turn on a skateboard...or surfboard, snowboard....