Marta Dlugolecka is an illustrator, originally from Warsaw, but currently living and working in London.
She graduated from Kingston University in 2010 in Illustration and Animation and recently finished her MA at the Royal College of Art.

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Welcome to my Gallery and thanks for your visit!
I am a german Graphic Designer and mom living in Malaysia.

My art is completly digital. I use vintage photos, old pictures and illustrations, tare them apart to create a new image. I am inspired by surrealism, fairy tales, folklore and medieval times.

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graphic design & illustration

My name is Nazario Graziano, i’m an italian freelance illustrator, art-director, graphic-designer.
My world is romantic, ironic, no-conformist.“A dive in the past with Gore-Tex lifesaver”.
I take my inspiration from old books, illustrations for kids, sky, snow, rain and rainbows, my wife, my cats, music, old scholl skateboards, 80?s memories, 50?s sci-fi movies, old school tattoos, typography and so much more that happens day by day ...

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I make paper cuts and small illustrations. I like working with anything, really: plastic, paper, wood, ceramics, cloth and thread. I like skulls and evil kitties.

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Illustrator/ Live in Tokyo, Japan

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Alice is an illustrator and designer based in London. Her work explores the natural world, in which she has a particular passion for British wildlife and birds.
In 2008, Alice graduated with a degree in Textile Design, and now works as a freelancer for The Swatch Loft, supplying designs for fashion.
Alice has recently worked with Etsy UK and Cellardoor Magazine.
She also runs an online shop, and is always working on developing her portfolio.
Currently, Alice is looking into developing her skills for Children's Book Illustration, which has interested her for a long time.

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Independent artist who lives and works in Norway.

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