Kris  Efe

Kris Efe

I'm a brazilian artist who loves nature, animals and all the pretty things of life. My art is inspired by all those things. I'm also a proud mother of two cats.

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Kris Efe has uploaded Pansies

Pansies flowers
Watercolor Painting

Kris Efe has uploaded Spring

Spring watercolor painting of colorful flowers

Kris Efe has uploaded Jellyfish

Jellyfish dancing under the water

Kris Efe has uploaded Unicorn

Unicorn with yellow flowers

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Kris Efe has uploaded Joystick 7

Joystick Seven

Kris Efe has uploaded Selfie

Bird taking selfies with a polaroid camera

Kris Efe has uploaded Take Me Away

Happy and colorful deer with birds

Kris Efe has uploaded My Design

Inspired by the TV show Hannibal

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Graphic designer and illustrator, working in animations of many kinds and always trying to put my hands at something new

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hallo ich bin bildermacherin
- ich (mag) mache bilder mit / in:
- liebe / lust / leidenschaft
- gefühle
- momente
- fantasie
- inspiration
- intuition
- licht/schatten
- augen / augenblicke/ blickwinkel
- hände / knipsfinger / filterfinger ;0))
canon powershot sx20is / eos 40d
- pc
- bildbearbeitungsprogramme
- farbe / monochrom
schrilles / wildes / abstraktes
minimales / verblastes / vergilbtes / gecrosstes
scharfes / unscharfes
schräges / gerades
im rahmen / rahmenloses
scheinbares / unscheinbares
lautes, schreiendes, brülllendes
leises, besinnliches, meditatives
sinnlich wie sinnloses ;0))
quatsch, sach und auch schonmal lachgeschichten......


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Hi! My name is Aleksandro and I'm from Brazil. A student of web design, graphic design, 3D Modeling and artistic design. A nerd who exchange a perfect weekend at the beach for a weekend in a multiplayer league of StarCraft II. An addict of music, movies, books, magazines and long conversations with friends - I said "long" ones. I work as graphic designer and I love what I do. In moments of despair I close my room (office) put a song and draw. This is the only thing that takes me back in my childhood and makes me forget the rest of the world.

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Brandon Friend was born in Flushing, NY on April 20, 1980. He attended The University of Maryland College Park in 1998 where he studied in the Honors Art Program and received a BA degree in Fine Art. In 2002, Friend began his professional career with two solo exhibitions in Washington, D.C and Baltimore, MD. In 2008, he received his MFA degree in Fine Art from CUNY Queens College and currently works in his Long Island City studio. Friend’s works have been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States, including Seattle, WA; Kansas City, MO; New Orleans, LA; Austin, TX; Short Hills, NJ; New York, New York. In 2011 and 2012 his works were showcased with Lambert Arts in Fountain Art Fair, NY and Fountain Art Fair, Miami. He has been featured in several print and online publications such as The Washington Post, The Knight News, Working Class Magazine, The Daily Record, The Pitch Kansas City, Radar,,,,, and

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Brasileiro, inglês de google tradutor.

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Here to show the world everything.