Kristin Frenzel

Kristin Frenzel

Hey! I have always been horrible at writing these sort of things. Not really the type of person to write my own biography or blurb. I will say that I have been in love with the arts since I was a little girl! My grandmother taught art and my mother was always painting and crafting, and forcing me to paint and craft! I never minded, and I still don't! I have tried to have several different type of careers, but I always go back to art.

Currently I am a full time freelance artist, and I couldn't be happier. I am always painting, doodling and day dreaming. Currently I am in the works of 3 separate series, and I keep myself busy in between these projects by participating in just about any art show that will accept my developing work. Thus why my work is all over the place!

It is campy/geeky, whimsical and fun! And I'll throw in a few barn owls here and there to keep you on your toes!

Check me out, support a local artist and feel free to contact me with anything. Even if you want to share your own artwork. I love seeing what other budding artists are up too!

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