Kristina  Sabaite

Kristina Sabaite

Hello, I ́m a childrens book ilustrator from Lithuania, living in Spain. Welcome all to my shop, to my World full of colours, positive emotions and strange characters!
my web:
If you have any question, please contact me. Also contact me if you want to send me your smile.
All my artworks are under copyright licenses. ©Kristina Sabaite

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United Animals (and humans) are stronger, happier and live longer!

Kristina Sabaite has uploaded Flor

Flor loves flowers!

Kristina Sabaite has uploaded Agnes

Agnes and her black cat.

Kristina Sabaite has uploaded Goats

Sweet Little Goats.

Capricia and her sweet little goats.

Kristina Sabaite left a comment on the picture Saturday

Cats have nice lives and that ́s true!

Kristina Sabaite has uploaded Birdgirl

Birdgirl illustration. Beautiful girl talking to birds!

Kristina Sabaite has uploaded Saturday

Saturday is great,
funny, happy, cute!
Me and my friends -
just doing what we do!

...Yin Yang Cats
Murr Miauw...

(and a bird)

Illustration Print by Kristina Sabaite. From my Vegan illustration serie.

Illustration inspirated in all the beautiful people helping animals every day. Animals who become no longer a NUMBER, but a non human person with a NAME.

Bartukas is so sweet
he loves any of his friends.

Kristina Sabaite has uploaded Foxy

Digital illustration for all fox lovers!