Kume Bryant

Kume Bryant

Thank you for your interest in my art. I was born in South Korea, but lived in the U.S most of my life. I live in beautiful Sonoran desert, Tucson, Arizona with my loving husband, son and two sweetest little black dogs. I earned a degree in Graphic art/Advertising art. I am a self-taught painter. I love abstract art, so I am always in practice. I mostly paint with acrylics. Also enjoy playing with digital art and water colors.

I am honored to say that I have sold to collectors worldwide. It is amazing to me that my works hangs in homes, churches, and businesses across the globe.

Feeling blessed and excited about life, I am always aiming to spread positive with uplifting colors to brighten the world. The interaction of colors, shapes, and textures oh so exciting! My love for life and nature... I see art in everything and everywhere. So... I thank God always! Just by opening your eyes, we see the gift of incredible colors that is constantly offered to us for our hearts to sing. Painting from my heart. Capturing the heart happy moments through my art. I have no words. Color is my voice. The only way for me to express and share my experiences and feelings.

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