Kunrong Yap

Kunrong Yap

Born in Singapore in 1987, I have been deeply interested in visual art
from a tender age and began with simple drawings. I went on to exploring more as the
passion for art grew and was lucky to get acquainted with professional work on the way.Currently
I do professional illustrations and concept art for a living. I also enjoy doing art for the sheer joy of creating
things. My tools include both traditional and digital medium.

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Into the heart of Darkness...

As man continue to advance, survival instincts take new shapes and forms. In an era where immortality is being debated, many went back to seek comfort in religion as science blurred the borders marking ethics and morality. Our race has come a long way, will we eventually be replaced with a higher being as we approach the limits of our creativity and intelligence? Will we simply wipe ourselves out? Or will we finally meet out nemesis? As long as we are still here, we will need some faith to hold on to, the same faith which our forefathers held on to tightly when they were roaming in the jungles, the same faith that brought us here.

Here i tried experimenting with Japanese way of art, breaking down boundaries, perspective and forms.
It's a mix of modern pop culture as well as traditional ideas to try and create something different. I tried to give my subject little form as compared to my usual renderings. Wanted to make it look like it's almost a flat pattern design, but still i did try to optimize the depth it should have to make it work both as a pattern as well as a painting.
Looking forward to more experimentations in this direction. Breaking down boundaries and hopefully creating new ones.