Cedric Alessandro

Cedric Alessandro

Art starts with meaning, skill is important only to facilitate the expression of this meaning. Art without meaning is worthless. The best works do not only have meaning but have content.

My Father has a masters in Literature from Vanderbilt, he would read me "dostoevsky" as a little baby, and he gave me the name Cedric so I would not have to pick a Pseudonym like other famous writers/artists.

As a child my grandfather on my mothers side taught me many things about the process of art. Growing up I learned how to paint and draw. When I was very young, 7 or 8, I had my first public auction along with the other art students at my primary school. Getting older in primary school, I had a 8yr old friend named Lievi, who was mentally challenged and already had gallery representation for his abstract contemporary art (dots on a canvas). I remember that my work would be regularly stolen, (mostly representations of the universe, and post-modern art) not entirely sure why or how, but it seemed like the staff and other students did not like me very much. This sort of conditioning continued throughout the rest of my life. In secondary school I regularly participated in whatever contests I could, sometimes juried other times not. I took home a prizes and the teachers would offer to buy my work, because they knew the complicated process I went through to make them, (still post Modern and landscape realism). In which I would tell them my mother planned on framing it, but in reality she never framed anything and they got thrown away, it was just a little satisfying to think my mother cared.

In highschool I particpated in state wide juried shows, school shows and I got in my first art guild in in highschool. I displayed works throughout various venues with the Art Guild. I traded artwork for paintbrushes and canvas with my teachers in highschool. I remember painting my first realistic figure painting, the Jordy-Lisa (drawing is much easier than painting in my opinion; realistic drawings of people were never a problem). After the Jordy-Lisa, I won the school "trite contest" with a realistic painting of Mao Zedong. I had an offer for that Mao, but once again I thought my mother cared. I generally end up giving away my artwork for free, as a young ideological fanatic I pick a good "home" for my work; I now realize if someone is willing to pay for it, that means it will have a good home. Mao Zedong then earned me an "apprentice", a younger art student whom wanted to learn how I painted; so I taught him how to paint realistically.

I started off going to engineering school at CSU with scholarships. Since then I have changed schools and currently I am attending MSCD school of art and design, with a BFA concentration in painting. I have had gallery representation and luck with internet sites. I am currently attempting to build a reputation. When concerned about beauty we do not take a ruler and measure the lengths of a woman's limbs to determine the extent of her beauty. Art is about making something hard look easy, and making it attractive in the process. I now look at my work and realize its not nearly as good as I think it is. (no good homes) What really saddens me is the idea that garbage in a dump will last 500 years longer than my art.

Thank you for your time,
Cedric Chambers

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