I'm a Manga style and Eastern comic artist. If you fell in love with Japanese cartoon or comic. I think we can join each other.

Thanks anyway for visit my shop and Hope you enjoy with my works that I made. Any request or what can I do for you are welcome. ^ ^

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lazeman has uploaded Aries

Character design in Astrology concept. All collection will be represent as Western cowgirl. The other will be available soon.

lazeman has uploaded Dryad

Character Design in concept Thailand vegetable dryad.

lazeman has uploaded Little Ninja

Ninja warrior that have to be trained since they was child. She expert to control liquid technique.

lazeman has uploaded Hotaru

Fan Art from Samurai Deep Kyo (Japanese Manga)

lazeman has uploaded Chimera

The beast that combine with vary species from Roman myth.

lazeman has uploaded Page of Stave

One of Tarot card that means to hope and hesitation.

lazeman has uploaded Nine Staves

One of Tarot card that means to freedom and forgiveness.