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Ein gutes Foto ist ein Foto, auf das man länger als eine Sekunde schaut. ( Henri Cartier-Bresson , 1908 )

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I enjoy letting the child inside me get creative and make simple, serene photos, or photos that will stimulate people to look at things from a new perspective.
www.arjaschrijver.com, www.facebook.com/ArjaSchrijverPhotography

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Die Fotografie verfolgt mich mehr oder weniger schon über 40 Jahre. Jetzt habe ich mich einholen lassen und liebe es zu fotografieren.
Seit kurzem habe ich begonnen einige meiner Fotos digital künstlerisch zu verfremden oder in gemäldeähnliche Form zu bringen.
Für mich gewinnen diese Bilder durch die Abstraktion und ich habe Spass daran.

LG Uwe

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Laura .. Schwarz Leben - Bunt Sehen.

Künstlerin / Artist.



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Monica Andino is an illustrator/letterer/designer living in Central America and working for the world.

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ulness of the work.
I take a devil-may-care approach to my artistic practices and refrain from censorship, but couple the line-work with the humor that is inherently me. The work is essentially a collection of psychological self portraits of varying degrees.

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I love my Wacom, I have a portfolio at Behance Network.
Portuguese independent Product Designer, former teacher in Cinema 4D and founder of the Portugal Design Lab.My main mission is to support companies in innovating and adding value while searching for new ideas.

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For nearly two decades, Nigel Van Wieck has been evolving a distinctive idiom firmly rooted in the tradition of American realism. He offers glimpses of classic Americana, his are solitary figures, often recalling the loners once celebrated by Edward Hopper. Van Wieck exhibits in the United States and Europe.

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I am an artist primarily working with good ol' pencil and paper, then later coloring in Photoshop. Recently I've gotten into using Sharpie - mostly designing on paper but sometimes objects such as headphones and hard drive and computer cases. I strive to evoke a specific mood through the use of color, texture and perspective in every project I work on.

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I have been shooting for around 7 years now as a London based photographer, starting off in events photography where I rapidly became one of the leading alternative scene events photographers shooting for a large number of international festivals across Europe with my results being published numerous times as well as images being taken onboard by the Saatchi gallery for representation.

Moving onto working more closely with corporate customers I began to shoot more buildings and interiors as well as displays and wildlife for the Zoological Society of London.

In recent years I began to work on setting up my own studio and delving into more portrait and gritty urban band photography which numerous shoots for the likes of Pixie Lott's manager and other bands and groups across the UK including many of the largest stars of the trance scene.

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Ich fotografiere zusammen mit meinem Bruder leidenschaftlich gerne. Schaut doch einfach mal vorbei und wenn euch was gefällt schlagt zu. :)
Hometown: Aachen

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My name is Bruna, I'm a designer/illustrator based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Soon I'll be posting more information about myself and my work. Hope you like what you see so far. :)

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Meine MachArten bedeuten für mich einen kreativen Ausgleich zum Alltag, eine Bereicherung und einen gewissen Suchtfaktor, den ich nicht mehr missen möchte. Meine Anregungen finde ich im Alltag durch aufmerksames Beobachten, denn die alltäglichen Dinge wirken oft absurd oder surreal. Häufig beginne ich mit einem genauen Plan im Kopf, doch schon bald verselbstständigt sich der Prozess und das Endergebnis entsteht fast unbewusst. Das fasziniert mich immer wieder.

Lassen Sie sich inspirieren!

Ihre Kerstin Kell

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Fotografie ist bei mir zu einer Leidenschaft geworden.
Ich stelle hier einfach mal eine Auswahl meiner Bilder ein vielleicht gefallen sie euch.

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I live in Germany, Berlin and have two passions, one is the observation of animals in the wild, especially the big cats and elephants, on the other is my enthusiasm for photography. At first I am traveling with two digital Canon cameras, 7D and 5D Mark II with lenses 100-400 mm and 400 mm 2.8.
With my photography I would like to inspire people to the wonders of the wilderness of Africa. Working with my photos helps me bridge the time and my longing for Africa until the next safari.
For news feel free to visit my website: http://www.maggymeyer-wildlifephotography.com or on Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115530024341257565365/posts