Linda Ginn

Linda Ginn

I’ve been drawing and painting for approximately 60 years. I started drawing when I was very young. My favorite subjects were Betty and Veronica from the "Archie" comic books. I used a regular #2 pencil and smudged the picture with my fingers to achieve the look I wanted. I loved drawing and would scour through magazines to find pictures to draw. I’ve never had formal training although I did take an art test from an art school and scored very high which encouraged me to continue drawing on my own. I am mostly self-taught with God as my teacher.

As a new venture I decided to take up oil painting some years back and took a couple classes to get some pointers. I watched all the painting classes on TV that I could find and learned several different techniques. My first portrait was a commission from a coworker to paint her daughter. I continued painting and sold some of my work over the next few years, but I mostly painted pictures for my family simply because I loved it. After my children were born my drawing and painting were put on hold. After many years, I’ve re-entered the art world. I’m still learning new techniques and taking a few art classes to improve my work. My latest venture is colored pencil.

God has graciously allowed me to begin art work again and I look forward to hopefully making a living at what I love doing. It will be interesting to see where He leads me along this journey.

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