Logan Faerber

Logan Faerber

I am a freelance illustrator living and working in Boston. I'm currently working on developing a children's book, comics and posters.

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Poster I designed for the jazz ensemble. Milkbread. They are an eight person group based in Newport, RI.

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Naomi is a poet.
A poet who paints her poems with the grace and skill of the great. Each work of her tells, indeed, whisper a story.
With delicate, almost on tiptoe, Naomi gives us frames of images that exist in her eyes and dreams.
With her evanescent figures that scan us almost conscious of being Looked with the merge and overlap of scenes that mark and confusing Space and time, Naomi is an artist who though young, has already her recognizable style and unmistakable.
With her "doing art" she knows what she wants and knows how to communicate.
Surely one of the most interesting proposals in the international art scene.
Roberto Ronca (Art Curator)

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Illustrator-2D Animator

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”This building is awesome. Any relation to McDonalds? I see their logo and can't help but think of fries when looking at the shape.“
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Amanda Mocci is a Graphic Designer & Illustrator from Montreal. Her work consists of intricate portraits, subtle color and strong black and white compositions. http://www.facebook.com/amoccidraws BLOG :: http://www.amocci.tumblr.com

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Judith Loske wurde 1988 geboren. 2010 hat sie ihren Abschluss als Diplomillustratorin gemacht und arbeitet nun freiberuflich vorwiegend im Kinderbuchbereich.
Sie arbeitet am liebsten mit dem Bleistift und einer Mischtechnik aus Buntstift und Aquarell. Zum Schluss werden die einzelnen Bildbestandteile am Computer, wie bei einer Collage, zusammengefügt.

Judith Loske was born in 1988. 2010 she completed her degree in illustration. Now she works as a freelancer in the field of children's book illustration. She likes to work with pencils, watercolours and the computer.

Visit me: www.judith-loske.de

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Elena Mir is a graphic/web and multimedia designer, artist and illustrator based in Spain.

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My name is Nazario Graziano, i’m an italian freelance illustrator, art-director, graphic-designer.
My world is romantic, ironic, no-conformist.“A dive in the past with Gore-Tex lifesaver”.
I take my inspiration from old books, illustrations for kids, sky, snow, rain and rainbows, my wife, my cats, music, old scholl skateboards, 80?s memories, 50?s sci-fi movies, old school tattoos, typography and so much more that happens day by day ...

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Piece I made that will sold at the upcoming BostonComicCon and HeroesCon.

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Adela creates illustrations and communicative designs that are appreciated for pleasantness in aesthetic presentation and problem solving qualities.
Not just a plain image creator, she is all about finding a harmony between image and design elements, such as color, shape, text, and hierarchy. The result is a set of decorative, figurative, and visually pleasing communication devices that gives fresh solutions to the challenge and refuses to adhere to one style (yet still consistent).

Adela is open for commissions. When she is not sketching or making art works, she enjoys reading wedding blogs, food blogs, or plan a perfect adventure to somewhere she has never been to.

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marianna is a tiny tiny woman, she lives in naples, italy, on the highest and remote hill of the city, near a thick forest.
she is an illustrator & graphic designer

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1968 geboren in Moenchengladbach
1994 - 1997 Studium visuelle Kommunikation an der Academie beeldende Kunsten Maastricht
1998 - 2006 Grafiker in Berlin und Muenchen
seit 2006 lebe und arbeite ich in Schondorf

Künstlerischer Werdegang:
1997 Linzen Grafik Preis, Sittard (Niederlande)/ 2002 Red Dot
Design Award, Düsseldorf/ 2005 Art Directors Club,
Auszeichnung in Silber, Berlin/ 2009 Gruppenaustellung
„Ereignis Druckgraphik“ Galerie VorOrtOst, Leipzig/
Austellungsbeteiligung im Wettbewerb „GELD-GIER-KRISE“
Anna Klinkhammer Galerie, Düsseldorf/ 2010 Gruppenausstellung ‘Artiges‘ Kunstverein Ottobrunn/ Produzentenausstellung ‘Das kleine Format‘ Diessen/ Jahresausstellung des RBK, Landsberg/ Mitglied im Regionalverband Bildender Künstler, Landsberg/
Ankauf der Werke „Round Up“ und „Cash Flow“
durch die Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlung/

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”I really love this. Reminds me of Matisse etchings.“
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Professional artist, who lives in Siberia, Russia.
A member of the Union of artists of Russia, Honored Artist of Russia.
My art roots are in late 19th-century Russian school of realist painters, art of Andrey Rublyov, Feofan Grek, Mikhail Vrubel, Konstantin Korovin, as well the Art of Renaissance, El Greco art, Russian Soviet avant-garde, namely Bubnovy Valet, as well impressionism, fauvism, art of Sezanne, Matisse.
The principle of painting – color without whitewash or its minimum in use.

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Welcome! My name is Marie Penz.
I am a french graphic designer and illustrator living in Paris.
If you want to discover more about me and my work, you can visit my professional portfolio on : www.marie-penz.fr

Promotional piece for the Boston based bike shop called Bikes Not Bombs for their annual fund-raising bike race.