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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. (Mahatma Gandhi)


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from the photo series: visualized sounds

the working class: a digital portrait of a miner with traces of hard work in his face ...

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Durch Raum und Zeit ...

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Digital Painting

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Valerie Anne Kelly aka valzart is an Artist living on a mountain in Spain & by a river in UK. Happily painting, writing & photographing all the wonder and beauty she feels and sees around herself in this amazing world and uses every medium to capture the subject. After receiving her High School Art Diploma, went on to discover the joys of creativity in her heART.. Has exhibited in galleries, sold all over the world and undertaken many commissioned works.. All her works have full copyright...V.KellyUK©CS

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Lia Termatzidou was born in Berlin in 1988. She studied Byzantine Iconography and has graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Art Sciences, specializing in Visual Arts. She divides her artistic expression between different mediums: Painting, photography, video and graphics. She participates in several group exhibitions and organizes artistic workshops in collaboration with other artists. Her subjects, mostly anthropocentric, explore the transforming power of the face - and by extension of individuality, and its association with social adaptability. She lives and works in Greece.

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Image Composer and Photographer !


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• meiner einer liebt kräftige Farben und ein wenig Magie,was sich in den Bildern wiederspiegelt
( Carpe Diem - Freddy Sahin-Scholl )

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Digital Art

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Heya :)

Ich heiße Jessy, bin 20 Jahre alt und wohne in der Nähe von Stuttgart.

Ich fotografiere und zeichne sehr gerne.

Bei Fragen oder Anregungen bin ich jederzeit per E-Mail erreichbar.

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Geboren am 20.03.73 in Wiltz (L)

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”جميلة جدا عمل فني

ساشا تحيات الحب“
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Born in Tehran,i started painting at the age of 16.At 21 I entered the University of Art and Architecture,and graduated at 2001.Moved to Austria in 2001,and started photography in 2008.it all began with my desire to travel,and capturing each moment i was living in,all those beautiful and exotic places,people and culture,and even the smell,i like to capture every possible moment and detail.photography is a way to eternity!

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Die Liebe zu den Teddybären ist mir trotz des Erwachsenwerdens erhalten geblieben. Sie sind einfach perfekte Models: immer nett, freundlich und zu vielerlei Schandtaten für eine gute Aufnahme bereit.
Dass ich auch andere Bereiche im Leben im Bild verewige erfährt man ganz schnell, wenn man nach meinem Namen googelt ;0)
Reisen ist eine weitere Passion von mir. Das Gesehene und Erlebte wird zu Reiseberichten (eine Version davon natürlich mit vielen Bildern) verarbeitet und bei www.marvinchen.de zum Lesen angeboten.