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I'm a graphic and web designer based in Germany.
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Artist, illustrator, chocolate eater.

Constanze von Kitzing malt am liebsten für Kinder. Nach einem freiwilligen sozialen Jahr in Süd Afrika, dem ausgiebigen Illustrations-Studium in Weimar, Minneapolis und Hamburg und einem Jahr als Titelbild-Grafikerin beim Spiegel-Verlag, widmet sie sich nun ganz dem illustrieren von Kinderbüchern, Zeitschriften, Schulbüchern und Postern und unterrichtet als Dozentin an der WAM Dortmund und der Jugendkunstschule Köln.

Artist / Illustrator / Designer living in Los Angeles, CA.

BFA from The College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN.

Chilean Illustrator / artist
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I dream because draw.
Drawing is the only way I know to dream
To tell
To narrate what I have in my mind.
My drawings are my diary,
that only very closely can be read and interpreted.
My little lace factory
is in my hands
In my fingers.
From where my black strokes come from.
The small, intimate.
A confined world.
A notebook.

I put all of my universe in every drawing, in every collage, in every word or phrase. I put all of “me” into every artwork, and all my artworks are “me”.

Having grown up in the west part of Germany, i studied Communication Design in Würzburg and spent one semester at an advertising agency in New York. After this i decided to move on to Berlin and founded the studio Ice Cream For Free.
Specialising in the interlacing of contrasting materials via collage, my work has been used by the likes of Adidas, Wired Magazine, Computer Arts as well as various clubs, djs and musicians.

I was born in Madrid in 1981 in the tender age of zero. As it was hard to express myself in words, I started doing so by drawing. Since then I comunicate better with a pencil than talking.

I was never a good student. The only thing I liked were the textbooks with ilustrations and if not, I would fill the white parts with my scrabbles. The relationship I had with my teachers was never productive, it is not good to mingle a bad student with dull and demotivating teachers. With seventeen I started studying in a drawing school, but the teachers I had weren't very enthusiastic either. So I finished school and decided to become autodidactic and finally live from my drawings, since they lived from me.Thankfully or consequentlly to my stuburness, I spent a long time in my room improving and after a lot of effort, I finally got my first jobs.

Born in Temperley, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1980.
Graphic Designer from the Buenos Aires University.
Loves art, animals and bikes.

Paul Robson (aka Muro) is a graphic designer, illustrator and typographer from the UK. Paul studied typography at the London Institute from 1997 to 2000, which has led to a varied creative career, and has seen him working in many design and advertising agencies throughout the UK. Muro Buro is a fictional name set up to showcase his personal design projects, which are produced outside of his daily agency work. The word Muro came from Paul starting out as a graffiti artist in 1990, and he still uses the word for all his creative outputs.

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I'm an Character designer,illustrator,fashion illustrator who live in berlin currently.Loves vintage stuff, watching movies and listening to 60-70s rock music


short movie"nancy's morning" 2008

children's book" Red Bird" 2010

I was Born in Buenos Aires, Argentine, in 1973, where I continue to live now.
I am both, illustrator and graphic designer and frequently combine these two creative aspects in my work. I enjoy illustrating everything: books, toys, notebooks, stickers, puzzles, posters, magazines, movies, CD covers, calendars, advertising, or vinyls.
My books have been published in Argentine, France, México and Spain.

Hello, my name is Natsuki Otani and I am from Tokyo, studied at Norwich University College of the Arts and am working in England as a freelance illustrator.

I have a style that is best described in colour. It’s probably the most distinctive feature of my work and bold vibrant colour forms the basis of a working practice that seeks to unite dreams and reality. I try to give the viewer a visual feast of colour and tone but with a darker side, that just like shade is to highlight, my surreal macabre touches are the counterpoint to my sweet and childlike innocent subjects. I work using concentrated watercolour inks on heavy grade art paper in a range of fields but I have a bias towards fashion illustration and portraits.

I'm always open for commissions and collaboration, so please feel free to email me at

My hope is that my illustration can make people happy even if it is for a moment.
Thank you for reading this!

Natsuki Otani

Illustrator/ Live in Tokyo, Japan

I’m an illustrator from the Montreal area. I’m worked for David & Goliath and as a cartoonist at the CBC, and since 2002 I’m been an art director with the non-profit organisation : The Pacific Path Institute. I’m exhibited in Long Beach with illustration friday, in London for the Mail me art and in Montréal for Notre club de dessin s’expose. I recently win a 2011 Applied Arts Award in illustration for my portrait of Edgar Allan Poe.