tahar azzaoui

tahar azzaoui

Born in 1968.

+ ( tahar azzaoui ) Kaen is a graphic designer since 1999. His favourite occupation is working on graphic projetcs ( teeshirts, patterns and web projects ) with Vectors and also Photoshop.
+ After a 3 years Art School and computer design. He worked for a web agency as web designer and also integrator. Now working as a Freelancer developper graphic and motion designer

+ Can do : Art Direction, Flyers, Posters, Logotypes, Tshirt Design, Web Design,3d, Illustration, Patterns...
+ Featured in : Behance (Fr), Netscope(fr), MIS (fr),

Phone : +33 () 6 66 49 53 20 mail : tahar.azzaoui [ at ] free.fr

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imagine the human is a galaxy ...

set of portraits series tv show

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Freelance illustrator/ graphic designer based in Sheffield.

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Independent artist who lives and works in Berlin


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I was born in Portugal 1988 in the same day as Hérge, Sweet Child O' Mine was in the top 5 best selling singles and Nico died in a bicycle related accident.
I like drawing comics, I've done it for TV, magazines, websites and lately for the Lisbon Metropolitan Transit System.
Also I had my work published in various anthologies and zines.

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Hi, I am a full-time designer from city Ufa, Russia.
I like retro, vintage, calligraphy and much more.
Would be great if you like my work =)
mail: info@creold.com
site: www.creold.com

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Illustrator trained in the fashion industry in NY.
Urban style imagery with fashion bent.
Digitally created with a hand-drawn feel.

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My name is Sjoerd Wenting,
I'm a Dutch designer working under the name Stark Wark Ontwerp.
I'm specialised in illustrative and graphic design, combining the looks and feel of computer graphics with handfashioned drawings and designs.

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I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Cape Town, South Africa.

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I am Tarik Arnautovic, and her you can se some of my illustrations.

I work full time as a Interactive AD.
My field of work is graphic design, motiongraphics, illusratation and interactive solutions for internet.

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Graphic Designer/Illustrator living in Atlanta, GA USA.

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I'm a 24 years old graphic designer currently living in Bali, INDONESIA.
I studied graphic design and visual arts at ESMA.
I've been passionated by graphic design for quite a long time now, I'm curious and I'm always looking for new trends and visual experiments. I love finding new source of inspiration.

Alessandro Pautasso aka Kaneda is a photographer, graphic designer, and illustrator whose specialty lies in vector art. He began drawing when he was a child, with the guidance of his mother who was a painter.

My name is Christoph Rathjen and I ́m an Illustrator by passion from Hamburg/St.Pauli.

My Studio: www.menschlabor.info
My Personal Site: www.iamaxiom.com

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Freelance illustrator based off Miami, Florida.

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Illustrator/artist working out of San Francisco, California.

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Freelance dreamer artist born on 1986. I'd rather be living in a Polynesian island, damn you Paul Gauguin!

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Graphic Design, Art Direction, Illustration
Corporate Design & Moving Image Design

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I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Kiel/Germany.

Feel free to visit my site: http://www.olliviart.de