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Manchild is a Chicagoan exiled in the Sonoran desert. He has painted for a long time, which causes him a total lack of sleep. He was always the artist, amazing the other kids in school with his scribbles. Finding there was no way to make a living by doing scribbles or painting, he became a graphic designer. All worked well for many years. He was an expert at felt tip lettering, Xacto blades and Rubber Cement. Then along came Mac, and everything changed...including our artist. He learned the new machine quite well and went on to become a Creative Director at Ad Agencies in both Chicago and Phoenix. But all the while, his real passion was to paint into the wee hours of the night. On his front porch in Oak Park he painted. And he still painted when it was very hot in Phoenix...although he found out he had to paint really fast there before the paint dried. However, he never exhibited his paintings, nor could he ever sell them. Dozens of canvases piled up, but he just couldn't part with his "Babies". Then, he became aware of Giclee. That meant he could sell the babies of his babies and keep them forever. It also meant something else... For that process, he had to take photos of his work. He did, and there they were in Photoshop. Some he altered, some he left as-is, but it offered a new freedom of expression that was before limited by mere paint and brush.

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