Manola Caprini

Manola Caprini

Children's book illustrator

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UK based illustrator working mainly in Children's publishing.

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Wilmer Murillo is an illustrator and graphic artist from Honduras (Central America).

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Illustrator and Artist have fun enriching the world with happy figures and pictures. Happy, cute and colorful are catchwords that are inseparable connected to the works of Bubblefriends.

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Artist, designer & illustrator, exhibited & published worldwide, maker of light things, dark things and all kinds of radness inbetween.

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Alice is an illustrator and designer based in London. Her work explores the natural world, in which she has a particular passion for British wildlife and birds.
In 2008, Alice graduated with a degree in Textile Design, and now works as a freelancer for The Swatch Loft, supplying designs for fashion.
Alice has recently worked with Etsy UK and Cellardoor Magazine.
She also runs an online shop, and is always working on developing her portfolio.
Currently, Alice is looking into developing her skills for Children's Book Illustration, which has interested her for a long time.