Mariyan  Dyankov

Mariyan Dyankov


Since I have decided to dedicate my life to creativity, I constantly try to seize all my inner visions. On my path of improvement I realized that every new skill, experience or technic develop for me one main thing – the art - a fusion combination of hand drawings with digital art, photography and sculpture. I obtain my inspiration from the infinite nature of the space therefore I recreate it refracted through my imagination.
I hope you will enjoy my works.

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My preferred method is paperwork. I’m creating collages by using different kinds of illustrations, such as newspaper, books or calendars. For this handcraft I need good scissors and glue. I’m not using digital processing in my works.

My source of inspiration is life itself. Every encounter means inspiration. To express the vital forces is my intention.

When I start a new work, there is nothing I’m thinking of, no idea. It’s a flow. My intuition is leading me.

When the work is finished, I’m always surprised of the result. It’s a journey.

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I am a conceptual illustrator. Most of my works are personal projects, but I am available for client commissions. I draw inspiration from personal experiences, fashion, symbolism, metaphors and the female form.

My goal is to inspire creative thoughts and feelings in any person who sees my work. I am working towards my goal of creating a connection with other artists and to lend support to the artistic community.

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Alan Copson is a professional travel photographer based just outside London.

With the London 2012 Olympics fast approaching, Alan's London Picture Project is producing some beautiful images. A selection are available to purchase here.

Please visit for his London blog.

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I'm mostly focused on architecture and landscapes up to now and within on colors and structures. What really impresses me is the impressionist feel you can get from motion blur.
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And if you like electronic music, check "my" House project:

Viel Spaß beim Stöbern! :-)

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