Marga Fonts

Marga Fonts

Barcelona October 14, 1976
-Undergraduate studies from 1990 to 1993
- Photographer and darkroom technique in color and B & W (1994-present)

In recent years I have combined photography with other studies and studies of specialization:
-Transformation of an idea given by Mattia Insolera photo.(2011)
-Documentary photography taught by Eva Parey(2010)
-The color of light: Language and photographic techniques taught by Montse Morcate(2010)
-Project author taught by Juan de Dios Perez (2009)


Laboratory technique (1994-2003)
Photographs of study and social report (1994-2009)
Photo by author and freelance photographer (present)

Project that am currently working:

Transsexualism: happens in both women as in men and is characterized by a gender identity opposite sex (gender discrepancy )........................ Transsexualism is not the same as transvestism, a term referring to a male individual that feminine sometimes wear clothes but does not want to change sex.


* Urban images. (2010)
* Still Life (2010)
* The Balkans 10 years later (2009).

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