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Marco Moscadelli

Marco Moscadelli

Marco Moscadelli was born in Genova, Italy in 1961.

Since he was a teenager, Marco was attracted by photography, which he conceived not as a documentation of life but as an interpretation of it. It is during that period that Marco starts producing his first “Still Life” pictures. In the following years, the interest for photography becomes a passion and transforms his life. In his mid-twenties, Marco leaves medical school and moves to Milano where he starts an activity as a professional advertising photographer, while maintaining vivid his passion for photography in its artistic
form. During his frequent travels around the world, he captured images of people, places and events. Some of the works of this catalogue are part of his collection. Undoubtedly, in his work it is easy to recognize a peculiar love and care for the objects and people that attract the attention of his lens as well as the ability to transform reality in to artwork.

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