Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner

Mark Wagner is an internationally recognized artist from the USA. He is involved in the film industry as a professional concept artist and consultant, in addition to his work as graphic designer, illustrator, author, musician, and fine artist. Recent clients include the Smithsonian Institution and Pixar/Disney. More of his work @

Mark is the founder of Drawing on Earth, a nonprofit that inspires art the creativity in youth and communities around the world. Their first project set a Guinness World Record for the largest chalk drawing. The current project is a global illustrated story.

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World tree, rhino, woman reaching for heart. Painting and Collage.

Octopus Garden. Oil painting.

Mark Wagner has uploaded Spirit Bird

Black Magic Bird

Mark Wagner has uploaded World Tree

Painting and College. World Trees are everywhere the the center of the world is. A place for the imagination to grow in healthy ways.

Mark Wagner has uploaded Sex & Money

Painting and Collage using the Golden Means as composition tool.

Mark Wagner has uploaded Green Man

What could be better than a circle of growth and green around us? Oil on board.

I often start a piece out with play and abstraction, using my non dominate hand. At some point a sense of realism is help to pull the painting together, hence the real tree element, and then it's a combination of both world, seen and unseen. Acrylic, Oil, Digital.

Question: What does technology wants? Answer: It wants to be part of Nature. Young boy represents technology, wearing circuit board, nature spirits as elders teaching him, helping him be connected.

Recent Tsunami energy, paintings, digital work, photo collage of old Japanese art.

red figure with gold circle and spirit bird

Old lady earth laughing with 2 strange men.

Mark Wagner has uploaded Earth's Alive

Magic tree connecting to the Earth through a Spirit.

Mark Wagner has uploaded Fallen Angel

Figure with wings, hands reaching.

Flying angelic figure tethered to the Earth from Chernobyl.

Native American Indian, modern shaman medicine man, future aboriginal.

Mythological eagle hawk eating snake, woman on fire running past water. Zebra's watching in the distance.

Mark Wagner has uploaded Amazing Grace

Labyrinth from Chartres Catherdral in France.