Martyna Stasiulionyte

Martyna Stasiulionyte

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eighteen years old and currently attending SCAD in photography. she began shooting at the age of fifteen and embarks on worlds to create in her photos. she's also traveled the globe and likes to make magic with art and other enchantments. she wants to inspire and make people feel through her work.

she has been featured in:
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Michelle Carlslund is Danish and studies Graphic Design at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. She makes illustrations using bits and pieces of old book covers, wall paper and fabrics to create a universe for grown-ups and children. She seeks to always make a twist - little details that will make the audience wonder.

As David Hume once said "Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them."
I find this quote to be so true, as I adore finding beauty in small, rarely noticeable objects.
I'm inspired by nature in general, its colors and graphic forms and especially by the role of light. I find fascinating its ability to constantly change the mood so in my works I try to capture the magic of current moment.

My full portfolio can be found here:

Sueño por que dibujo, y no al revés.
Dibujar es la única forma que conozco para soñar
Para relatar
Para contar lo que tengo en la cabeza.
Mis dibujos son mi diario íntimo,
que sólo los muy cercanos saben leer e interpretar.
Mi pequeña fábrica de corazones con puntilla
está en mis manos
En mis dedos.
De donde salen mis negros trazos.
Lo pequeño, lo íntimo.
Una mirada y su pelo.
Un mundo confinado.
Un cuaderno.

I dream because draw, and not vice versa.
Drawing is the only way I know to dream
To tell
To narrate what I have in my mind.
My drawings are my diary,
that only very closely can be read and interpreted.
My little lace factory
is in my hands
In my fingers.
From where my black strokes come from.
The small, intimate.
A confined world.
A notebook.

I put all of my universe in every drawing, in every collage, in every word or phrase. I put all of “me” into every artwork, and all my artworks are “me”.