Mary Esther Farnstrom

Mary Esther Farnstrom

Mary was inspired to draw at a very young age; artwork has always captured and driven her to be creative. Aside from working in the digital medium, she is also a published author; she is currently working on writing and illustrating her first Children's book for her daughter's love for literature.

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Casiegraphics is an Illustrator living in Berlin

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• meiner einer liebt kräftige Farben und ein wenig Magie ...

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Bryony Marie Fry is an Artist and a Musician born in 1988 in the U.K. She mainly produces unique multi-media pop art depicting images of Musicians. She also cover's many other subjects including nature, vintage fashion and digital artworks. She is currently working side by side with The Princes Trust Foundation to enable her business to get off the ground. She will donate a percentage of all profits to The Amy Winehouse Foundation and The Strummerville Foundation For New Music.

Image Composer and Photographer !

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Lia Termatzidou was born in Berlin in 1988. She studied Byzantine Iconography and has graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Art Sciences, specializing in Visual Arts. She divides her artistic expression between different mediums: Painting, photography, video and graphics. She participates in several group exhibitions and organizes artistic workshops in collaboration with other artists. Her subjects, mostly anthropocentric, explore the transforming power of the face - and by extension of individuality, and its association with social adaptability. She lives and works in Greece.

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Freelance / Art Director. Spain (Barcelona)

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Elena Mir is a graphic/web and multimedia designer, artist and illustrator based in Spain.

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Every animal has a soul. Since I was a child I have marveled at the grace and beauty of all animals, from the great jungle cats to the four legged friends in our homes. This led me to surround myself with furry creatures of all sorts. Their exquisiteness and unique personalities have deepened my love and respect for each one of them. For this reason, the portraits I paint capture their outer beauty and their inner Soul. I paint so that it comes from the inside and shines out through their eyes.

With my work I want the viewer to maintain that magical connection with animals that have entered their hearts and lives.
I'm just doing my best to depict magic of life. These are my meditations on beauty of Animals and connection we share.

Friend Jasmine wrote:
'I love all your animal portraits. They resonate such a sweet and kind vulnerability. Not only are they absolutely stunning, they capture this innocence that makes you want to cry, they have no walls, no heavily coated veneers, they are just pure and you want to protect them from all the pain in this world. You are a gift.'

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Judith Loske wurde 1988 geboren. 2010 hat sie ihren Abschluss als Diplomillustratorin gemacht und arbeitet nun freiberuflich vorwiegend im Kinderbuchbereich.
Sie arbeitet am liebsten mit dem Bleistift und einer Mischtechnik aus Buntstift und Aquarell. Zum Schluss werden die einzelnen Bildbestandteile am Computer, wie bei einer Collage, zusammengefügt.

Judith Loske was born in 1988. 2010 she completed her degree in illustration. Now she works as a freelancer in the field of children's book illustration. She likes to work with pencils, watercolours and the computer.

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Lust auf Leben -
Fotos aus sinnlichem Erleben -
laut und leise -
sinnig und hintersinnig -
Hingabe und Reflektion -
Lust und Wonne -
Schmerz und Schrei -
normal und jenseits des Gewohnten -
mit Lust und Freude -

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I am an artist, a photographer, a computer programmer and a lover of nature. Canoeing is one of my favorite things.