Matteo Bertolino

Matteo Bertolino

Matteo Bertolino was born in Torino, Italy. He graduated in Political Sciences, obtaining then an MA in Development Studies, which drove him to work in the cooperation and development sector, at various levels across four continents.

His passion for photography kept growing together with the interest in the world and through the numerous experiences abroad, leading him to specialize particularly in documentary photography. Matteo, moreover, works in the 'communication and development' field, professionally documenting international development cooperation programs - projects and realising different photographic products, contributing to build up more incisive communication strategies. For further information regarding services offered please see below the brochure 'Photography for Development".

Among various experiences Matteo curated and organized a photographic exposition in a highly recognised museum in El Salvador (“MARTE”), which has seen the collaboration between local and international artists. As a free-lance photographer he has published on national and international magazines and journals, collaborating with photo agencies and NGOs.

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