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Max Ereno has uploaded The Altar

St. John the Baptist Cathedral main Altar

The oldest Roman Catholic church in Kalibo, Aklan. Shot in HDR.

Max Ereno has uploaded The Canoe

Stranded on the beach at Snake Island in Palawan, PH is this canoe with a broken motor engine.

Max Ereno has uploaded Christina

Young, pretty and oozing with sex appeal.

People who visit the world famous beach of Boracay invariably spend their time in its clear, clean waters until late in the evening. This group of revelers were having fun playing Frisbee by the beach.

Max Ereno has uploaded The Farmhouse

About a kilometer from the town center of Libacao, Aklan and away from the beaten path stands this unassuming farmhouse. A quiet and peaceful place, it is the place to visit when in the area.

Max Ereno has uploaded Boats on Parade

Each year in May, fisherfolk from Pangasinan, PH hold their fiesta which is centered on a boat parade to ask the Gods for another year of bountiful harvests.

Max Ereno has uploaded The Cottage

Cottage shot and processed as HDR

Max Ereno has uploaded Combed Beach

Sunset look over a combed beach in Kalibo, Aklan

Max Ereno has uploaded Cool Stream

Hidden from ordinary tourists is this quiet stream in the hinterlands of Libacao, Aklan.

Max Ereno has uploaded Beach Fun

There are a number of fun activities in Boracay including sailing and para-sailing.

Max Ereno has uploaded Boracay Sunset

A wonderful sunset view from the beach of Boracay in Malay, Aklan.

Max Ereno has uploaded You're Naughty

The face that could launch a thousand ships. The barrio lass.

Max Ereno has uploaded The Pier

The second of two piers at the island of Dos Palmas in Puerto Princessa. The resort of Dos Palmas became known in the mid-80s when pirates raided the isaland and took a number of foreign and local tourists visiting the island as hostages for ransom.

A stretch of beach with nary a soul in sight. In the distance, rows of small bancas (canoes) criss-cross the ocean to ferry travelers to the Underground River in Palawan.

Max Ereno has uploaded A New Beginning

A solitary flower in the midst of sand and pebbles. Will it survive alone in the wilderness?

Solitary canoe ordinarily used for traversing the famous Underground River in Palawan.

Water buffaloes are usually found in the countryside but this one provides transportation for tourists along the 4 mile long stretch of beach in Palawan, a province in the Philippines.