Meri was born in 1984 in Croatia. Studied graphic design and art, lives and works in Belgrade.

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Bird Girl sweet cool urban illustration

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My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.

18 yrs old from Bkk :)
Enjoy my work :)))

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Hello I am Paola , I love create, I spent all of
my childhood and part of youth in cold Patagonia, Argentina.
I studied arts and design in Buenos Aires.
I lived in Buenos Aires, Palermo till 2007 then I moved to Villa Giardino, Cordoba, where I am living till now, with my hubby and daughter , 3 dogs and one cat!
I love challenges and discover new ways to create.
Featured in Paper

Contemporary Doll Collector ( Julio 2009)
Frankie Magazine Autralia ( interview, Mayo 2009)
Small Magazine ( doll review)
The doll collector (...

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My Name is Jaleesa McLean. I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from the United States.

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Artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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I currently live in Plymouth, but grew up on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, and the sunny seaside of Dorset. From grass to grey my journey has brought me to Plymouth city where I found my work rebelling against my country upbringing and reflecting a growing interest in the grunge and grime of the urban environment. Everything I discover around me has potential... urban detritus, peeling paint and filthy concrete structures. I find the ugly and mundane to be beautiful, its character and stories inspiring. Illustrator and printmaker. Age:24 -Female- Contact:

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