Mikael Raymond

Mikael Raymond

Since time immemorial the seasons have shaped and characterized the Nordic (folk) soul. The extreme contrast between light and darkness, hope and despair and elation and melancholy. The Scandinavian soul, like the inward looking, hibernating bear, seeks isolation when the sun turns its face to other latitudes, and from this fateful ambience comes creative inspiration.

It is my intention to capture the beauty present in the meeting between the dark, the light & the interaction of colors, with natures unruly and unconditional constitution.
This is my desire, this is the key. I would like to show you that there's great hope right here in our love of nature. That is the challenge that inspires me to create portraits of a big country interacting and acting between these two extremes, and where the light is a messenger in the darkness.

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Our love for traveling started more more than twenty years ago in a plane somewhere in the skies of South America when a man showed us his passport stamped in several Antarctic scientific bases. We immediately decided to go there. That was the beginning of numerous adventurous trips to many remote parts of the world.
Our pictures appear on a regular basis on the UNESCO World Heritage website as well as on brochures and exhibitions related to conservation.
Since 2005, we switched to digital photography and attended many workshops.

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MyVisualCreation is inspired by artists who seek more of everyday life by way of creative freedom and internal vision. MyVisualCreation's philosophy is also to inspire others to channel ideas through creative power of imagination and translate their message through photography. It is connecting the gap between artists and media. At MyVisualCreation, we strive to differentiate ourselves through the creative process that allows for true expression to materialize. Melissa Salter is a graduate from Brooks Institute of Photography.

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Ed Book is a freelance nature, landscape, and wildlife photographer with over thirty years photography experience. He makes his home on the Kitsap Peninsula in Puget Sound, Washington state USA and travels throughout the United States following mother nature's displays.

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Artist / Illustrator / Designer living in Los Angeles, CA.

BFA from The College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN.

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Studio http://www.gardnerkeaton.com
Behance http://www.behance.net/JimKeaton
Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/gardnerkeaton/
email keaton@gardnerkeaton.com

I started building art through design with digital pixels and vectors. This lead to transparent layers of grayscale and color.
Each piece of digitally designed art is built from colonies of brushes developed in CS5 from previous work.

The brushes evolve the art.

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Founder & CEO of ARTFLAKES. Likes awesome photography.