Mike Nash

Mike Nash

Mike was born and lives in England. He has been working professionally for just over three years and runs all aspects of the business himself. Mike is well educated in Art & Design and is qualified to Degree level in Illustration. He currently supplies unique artwork to clients throughout the world for use in books, films and games. Mike has a passion for detail and enjoys capturing atmospheric lighting. Despite his interest in myths and fictitious subjects he tries to harness a sense of realism and history within his art. As a result his work balances on the divide between plausibility and fantasy.

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Mike Nash has uploaded Gorgon

‘Gorgon’ derives from the Greek word gorgós, meaning ‘dreadful’, and is used to describe a female monster. Medusa is probably the most notorious gorgon from Ancient Greek myth; symbolising the beauty, intelligence and power of women. Armed with hair made of writhing snakes and a horrifying gaze that turned those who beheld it to stone, Medusa is dangerous to the highest degree. In this image Medusa’s eyes remain in shadow, giving us a brief chance to look upon her. This myth teaches us not to judge anything or anyone, male or female, by appearances and to resist temptation.

Mike Nash has uploaded The Ash Tree

Based on one of the popular ghost stories written by M. R. James called 'The Ash Tree'. A witch buried beneath an unlucky ash tree plays a central role. Longing for children, but prevented from doing so due to suspicion and a death sentence of witchcraft. She unleashes her revenge from her grave in the form of her newly acquired eight-legged ‘children’. They wreak havoc throughout the village and poison the man who signed her death warrant. The story is brought to a close as the tree is burnt to the ground unearthing her remains and killing the large spiders that inhabited its hollow trunk.

Mike Nash has uploaded Spirit Wolves

This image is the cover artwork for ‘Twisted Threads’, a fantasy novel by Ryan Kinsch. The book features both darkness and light, wolves, dreams, spirits, trees and various other spiritual and medieval fantasy elements. For the design of the cover I needed to capture a balance; fantasy that would suit both young and adult readers. I wished to paint the magic of fantasy whilst avoiding cliché and instead present something contemporary.

Mike Nash has uploaded Phoenix

A sacred firebird that originated in the ancient Mythologies; Phoenix symbolises life, death and resurrection as well as fire, light and the sun. Upon reaching old age a Phoenix would ignite itself, a baby Phoenix would then rise from the ashes, born anew. I wanted to illustrate the seamless connection between bird and fire. The challenge was to capture an expression of power and intensity, but not create an aggressive or horrific atmosphere as a result. Small songbirds such as Robins, Larks and Cardinals inspired my design of Phoenix. I wanted mine to appear small and precious, yet dramatic and feisty. I wonder what kind of song a Phoenix would have?

Mike Nash has uploaded Minotaur

This image is inspired by the classic Greek myth called ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. Unlike the stereotypical depictions of a gruesome, mindless, monstrous beast, I wanted to depict an alternative vision. Traumatised by his deformity, the rejection from his mother and the acts of cannibalism he is forced to commit; the Minotaur is a prisoner within a black labyrinth, a broken creature, full of sorrow, shame and isolation. The decision to hide the Minotaur’s iconic face was made partly to entice the idea that what you don’t see can sometimes be more effective.