I'm difficult to describe...

Crazy, boring, fastidious, chaotic, silly and narrow-minded. All in one person. Wife, mommy, friend, colleague, daughter (in-law), sister, secretary, manager, cool-headed and a nervous wreck. Best friend and worst critic. That’s me.

I’m crazy about gummy bears and hate celery. My imagination is far too wild. I’m neurotic and down-to-earth. I’m a city-slicker and have a distinctive social anxiety. I like big streets and deserted shores. My favorite time of year is spring and I’m most comfortable on a stormy beach at the North Sea. I love wearing jeans and a little black dress. High heels and sneakers.

Country or Heavy Metal? Preferably both mixed.
Bimbo or clumsy clot? Situationally inappropriately both.
Four star hotel or camping-site? Yes, I’m in favour.
Child or work? Both fit into my crazy life.

Pizza or burger? Wine or beer? Everything. In exactly that order and a nice single malt and yummy Cuba Libre somewhere in between with a pomelo and cheese-pickle.

Style icon and winner of every bad-taste-party. My favorite expression is inconsistency in style.

My life is a constant contradiction. Freely quoting “anybody can do normal”.


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