MJ Naderloo

MJ Naderloo

I was born in a family with an artistic background. Two of my brothers who were quite older than me where already professional graphic designers, and as a young kid I was always amazed with artworks.

I finally graduated in an art school with a photography metric diploma, and went to college to study Computer graphics.

I had no clue what it is and what capabilities it has, but while fooling around with the software for quite a while I found out that there is something called digital arts”.

I gathered my money and bought a tablet and that’s when it all started. I have worked with many software’s such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After effects, Adobe Premiere end later on Final Cut Pro.

In the year 2008 one of my artworks titled “Passenger ship” was published in Expose 7 and then later in 2010 another artwork titled “Wild Waves” was published in Expose 8.

At the moment I am an employee at BorsuFilmStudios as a professional Matte Painter and Concept designer.

All works by MJ Naderloo