Monique Keen

Monique Keen

Monique Keen, is a 24 year old photographer from Brisbane. Her main passion with photography is to help people see things from another perspective. To look outside the box and realise that everything is not always as it seems.

Her style is mainly focused on Abstract, Macro, Long Exposure and Landscape photography but she has recently been doing Portrait work to help appeal to a wider range of people in the future.

She got interested in photography from her early teens, picking up her brothers point and shoot camera and taking photos with different settings on manual until she finally figured out what they all meant. She never really thought much of her photos, until her parents commented that they looked quite good, so she kept at it and started altering them in photoshop to see what other things she could do.

Her dad was a photographer when he was younger as well, but she never really knew much about his work until she started showing interest in photography and he started to show her his shots and share some knowledge with her as well. So when she bought her first DSLR she was in heaven, completely amazed at what this device could achieve and how she could capture a moment in time and share it with people.

In the future Monique hopes to open her own studio shooting a range of genre's and bringing in students from high school that are interested in photography to show them what it's like to be a photographer, because she know's how tough it is to get a break.

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