Paul Robson

Paul Robson

Paul Robson (aka Muro) is a graphic designer, illustrator and typographer from the UK. Paul studied typography at the London Institute from 1997 to 2000, which has led to a varied creative career, and has seen him working in many design and advertising agencies throughout the UK. Muro Buro is a fictional name set up to showcase his personal design projects, which are produced outside of his daily agency work. The word Muro came from Paul starting out as a graffiti artist in 1990, and he still uses the word for all his creative outputs.

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Architecture & Planning,3d visualization professional
Freelance Architect // 3D Modeler
• 3D Modeling based on data derived from:
Photos (Photogrammetry)
Sketches and illustrations
Point Clouds
• 360 panorama capture and HDRI creation
• Video grading
• Image and Video rendering, editing and post-processing

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Norwegian photographer and photoshop junkie interested in composite and concept art, street life, nude/akt photo, nature and people.

Please contact me for bigger prints, framed prints, metal prints or acrylic prints.


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Born in Temperley, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1980.
Graphic Designer from the Buenos Aires University.
Loves art, animals and bikes.

I was born in Madrid in 1981 in the tender age of zero. As it was hard to express myself in words, I started doing so by drawing. Since then I comunicate better with a pencil than talking.

I was never a good student. The only thing I liked were the textbooks with ilustrations and if not, I would fill the white parts with my scrabbles. The relationship I had with my teachers was never productive, it is not good to mingle a bad student with dull and demotivating teachers. With seventeen I started studying in a drawing school, but the teachers I had weren't very enthusiastic either. So I finished school and decided to become autodidactic and finally live from my drawings, since they lived from me.Thankfully or consequentlly to my stuburness, I spent a long time in my room improving and after a lot of effort, I finally got my first jobs.

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I'm an illustrator based in Berlin.

Constanze von Kitzing malt am liebsten für Kinder. Nach einem freiwilligen sozialen Jahr in Süd Afrika, dem ausgiebigen Illustrations-Studium in Weimar, Minneapolis und Hamburg und einem Jahr als Titelbild-Grafikerin beim Spiegel-Verlag, widmet sie sich nun ganz dem illustrieren von Kinderbüchern, Zeitschriften, Schulbüchern und Postern und unterrichtet als Dozentin an der WAM Dortmund und der Jugendkunstschule Köln.

A brazilian artist living and working in Hamburg, Germany.

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Typographic print by Paul Robson (Muro Buro)

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a s t r a z e r o . n e t

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A penguin licked me brrrrrr.

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21 . F . NY&NJ . FIT

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Terry Irwin is a mixed media artist from Calgary, Canada. He loves to draw (with help from his computer box) and creates work rich in colors and tones with an overall sense of humor that aims to make you mine a little deeper.

twitter: ti_picturemaker

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Paula is an illustrator and designer based in Brazil. Her work explores the children world and the fashion world.
Paula is graduated in Fashion Design and Fine Arts, and now works as a freelancer creating designs for fashion and for children's books.
Currently, Paula is doing a Masters in Design. Because she wants to be a teacher of design.

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Typographic print by Paul Robson (Muro Buro)

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Typographic print by Paul Robson (Muro Buro)

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Typographic print by Paul Robson (Muro Buro)