My, 26 years old artist from Denmark.

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mygmdesign has uploaded HARDWALL#4

Rock wall from Barcelona

mygmdesign has uploaded HARDWALL#3

Rock formations from south Spain

mygmdesign has uploaded HARDWALL#2

Rock formations from south Spain

mygmdesign has uploaded HARDWALL#1

Rock formations from south Spain

camilla-lund has uploaded Frosty

A cold-toned selfportrait

A selfportrait of me lying in my bed with my legs in the air

camilla-lund has uploaded Ray 3

Two girl dancing and posing with glowsticks. Both in black dresses

camilla-lund has uploaded Ray 2

A picture of two girls dancing with glowstick. Long shutter speed, only colours are manipulated

camilla-lund has uploaded Ray

A portrait of a girl dancing with glowsticks

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Leben. Klick!. Gestalten.
Keine Profession.
Eine Leidenschaft.

Life. Click!. Design.
No profession.
A passion.

camilla-lund has uploaded Hidden

A photomanipulated picture of a girl surrounded by animals from another world

A closeup of a cherry blossom

Selfportrait of the lower face

camilla-lund has uploaded Super Woman

A selfportrait of me posing

camilla-lund has uploaded A Fine Day

A picture of one of the beautiful flowers in my garden

A photo of a frozen plant in the cold winter months

camilla-lund has uploaded SpringTime

A photography of snowdrops after a rainy night.