Andreas Schulte

Andreas Schulte

A diary ... without words. - Only with pictures. ;o)
Ein Tagebuch,... ohne Worte. - Nur mit Bildern. ;o)

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Wildlife-, landscape-, nature-, and travel photography.
Originally from Germany, currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Fotografie ist mein Hobby.Liebe die Fotografie die Welt um mich herum.

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I am an autodidact as far as photography goes.
The passion started when I was 8 years old, when my father bought me a Kodak Brownie 127. The joy of the viewfinder had begun.
I have worked with medium format cameras both film and digital composing that image through the giant viewfinder was glorious, really looking at what is being framed, in focus and out.
For flexibility, 35mm film then digital became my choice, giving me the freedom to carry my kit over my shoulder to far flung places around the world. Progressing to a full frame digtal camera getting me as close as I could to MF.
My shooting other than studio work is not premeditated, I work with what I see on the day and the time.
I shoot stock and it is licensed through stock photo libraries as diverse as Abode Stock and Dreamstime to name a few and on sale here as finished printed artwork.

I have had Three one person exhibitions.

Thanks for your interest in my work.

Now back to my viewfinder.

"Der Gebrauch einer Kamera ist ähnlich der eines Messers: Man kann damit Kartoffeln schälen, aber auch eine Flöte schnitzen". (E.Kohlmeier)
Getreu diesem Zitat versuche ich immer wieder eine Flöte zu schnitzen..

Andreas Schulte is now following Cesar Palomino

My images are available to decorate your home, space, office or business establishment with beautiful imagery to match your style. Fine Art Prints also make wonderful gifts. Take a look at the assortment of Fine Art Prints and options that are available to match your decor, and fit your space needs.

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Photographer from Sweden who loves abstract, minimalistic and landscape photos. I get inspiration in the nature and in urban inviroments. I uses different technicques such intentional camera movement and long sutterspeed.