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Nancie Martin DeMellia

Nancie Martin DeMellia

Growing up in New Hampshire -- with the mountains, the sea, the forest, and rolling farmland never more than an hour away -- I developed an early love of nature and nature's beauty. So, as I child, I began taking photographs to capture what I saw, first for my own enjoyment and later, as a teenager, to share with friends and family. My hobby turned into a passion, and for the last 20 years I have traveled throughout New England, honing my craft and finding beauty in some of the most unlikely places. I would very much like to share my skills and my vision of the world with your readers and or clients. Although not formally trained as a photographer, I have spent more than two decades studying the works of others and practicing my craft, developing over that time a keen eye for beauty and composition. This has enabled me to often find splendor and intrigue and serenity in scenes that many photographers (and most people) would pass by.
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