Natalia Lopes Pavanelli

Natalia Lopes Pavanelli

Love for Art. Love for Fashion. Love for Life.

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Nestled in the beautiful city Barcelona, I happily weave my imagination for clients across the world, applying hand-drawn and computer-based imagery to a range of visual mediums; from fine arts to fashion, from editorial to advertising, to books and textiles and much much more.

Anna Bours

Illustrator/ Live in Tokyo, Japan

Ulrike lebt und arbeitet in Berlin. Als freie Künstlerin und Designerin umfasst ihr Arbeitsfeld sowohl Malerei und Grafik, als auch Projekte für Film und Theater, Illustration und Konzept Design. Mehr zu Ulrikes Arbeiten findet ihr unter

''Willkommen in meiner Bilderwelt!'' :)

Ulrike lives and works in Berlin. Her field of work comprises graphical art work, illustrations, conceptual and costume designs as well as their practical realization.
More artwork and informations about Ulrike you can find on

''Welcome!'' :)

I am a freelance illustrator and surface print designer.

My work is very stylised, with a strong focus on bold print and detailed illustration. Vivid colour and pattern is my ultimate passion.
I like creating work that brightens up a room, makes you smile, but I also enjoy confusing people in a way.

I often embed imagery, into my artwork, that contradicts what you expect to find in my vibrant celebratory print style.
I like to reflect the problems within society in my prints, often discretely, to reflect the underlying evils that exist in the world.
This slightly more sinister element gives my work more depth and really makes you think, what is going on in that picture?

My prints and illustrations are very much influenced by the work of Pop Artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. I admire the physical impact of their work. I am passionate about any designer that has a love for colour and print.

I can create any custom illustrations and prints, so if you have something in mind then please do drop me a line.

Any questions, I would love to hear from you.

"Little Sparrow, little sparrow. Fly so high and feel no pain" by Dolly Parton.

Wonderland is beauty. It's mistery, adventure, passion. Follow the Rabbit and get to admire the most amazing smile of the Cheshire Cat and the stunning beauty of the White Queen.