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I'm a french graphic designer & illustrator, I'm specialised in typography (fonts & lettering) and vectorial illustrations.

My portfolio: ""

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I am a conceptual illustrator. Most of my works are personal projects, but I am available for client commissions. I draw inspiration from personal experiences, fashion, symbolism, metaphors and the female form.

My goal is to inspire creative thoughts and feelings in any person who sees my work. I am working towards my goal of creating a connection with other artists and to lend support to the artistic community.

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Graphic Design student with a passion for animation and everything artsy!

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Gabriel Contreras is a graphic designer based out of Austin, Texas. He specializes in understated illustrations and intricate and colorful paintings.
Add his Facebook:!/gonzotheguy

Follow him on Twitter:!/mrwienerboobs

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nelkosan has uploaded Big Foot

A sleeping big foot illustration

nelkosan has uploaded Crazy Bunnies

An illustration with rabbits totally crazy