A polarised eye

With a degree in illustration and history of art, Matthieu became involved in the world of digital imagery at the end of his studies. He worked on various productions which took him for long periods to Seoul, Saigon, San Francisco, Pune and Los Angeles, and became one of the specialists of animated film lighting. He worked on some of the major american projects such as Star Wars or Shrek, but it’s in France where he took on his biggest challenge as the lighting supervisor of the third feature length film of Enki Bilal: Immortel.

During his travels, Matthieu never stopped taking photos. A lover of the image and the instant, he likes an adventure and seeks to immortalise moments in time, capturing what hazard puts in his path : the mysteries of Saigon in black and white, the startling contrasts of America in colour, feminin sensuality in the studio... everything which crosses his inspiration, is incisively framed by his lens. His work as a lighting designer draws him towards enigmatic contrasts and bold lighting, but always with care to keep a balance between the reality and the show.

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