Andreas has become one of the best Christian Orthodox iconographers working today. He spent time in the Holy Mount Athos, Karyias, in Greece and got inspired to study Byzantine Icononography from Pater Meletios and Pachomian monks.

"His icons and murals strictly follows the Byzantine traditions and techniques; their images are full of harmony and beauty and spirituality in all their details; the choices of colors are formal and reserved. His compositions and designs are very accurate and well balanced, and all his work demonstrates great sense of style..."

Over the years he has hand-painted portable icons for private devotion as well as large wall murals for individuals and Greek Orthodox Churches across Canada, USA, Greece and Cyprus.

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Byzantine Orthodox Technique, egg tempera, 23 krt. gold. Beautifully detailed art work.

Orthodox Christians worship the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—the Holy Trinity, the one God. Following the Holy Scriptures and the Church Fathers, the Church believes that the Trinity is three divine persons (hypostases) who share one essence (ousia). It is paradoxical to believe thus, but that is how God has revealed himself. All three persons are consubstantial with each other, that is, they are of one essence (homoousios) and coeternal. There never was a time when any of the persons of the Trinity did not exist. God is beyond and before time and yet acts within time, moving and speaking within history.

Contemporary Byzantine Orthodox Fresco, commissioned by Agia Marina Church Limassol, Cyprus. 23 krt gold

Painted with Traditional Byzantine Orthodox Techniqe, egg tempera and 23 krt. Gold. with beautiful gold detailing.

Byzantine literature frequently mentions pictures of Christ impressed on bricks

According to Christian legend, the Image of Edessa was a holy relic consisting of a square or rectangle of cloth upon which a miraculous image of the face of Jesus was imprinted — the first icon ("image").
In Eastern Orthodoxy, the image is known as the Holy Mandylion. The Keramidion is the name of a "holy tile" imprinted with the face of Christ miraculously transferred by contact with the Mandylion.

Painted with Traditional Byzantine Orthodox Techniqe, egg tempera and 23 krt. Gold.

He was officially glorified by the Patriarchate of Jerusalem on November 29, 2009 (Old Style), and is commemorated by the Church on November 16/29.[note 2] His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilus III presided at the Divine Liturgy, along with the bishops of the Patriarchal see of Jerusalem and a number of bishops from the Church of Cyprus, in addition to a delegation from the Russian Church.

Painted with Traditional Byzantine Orthodox Techniqe, egg tempera and 23 krt. Gold.

Painted with Traditional Byzantine Techniqe, egg tempera and 23 krt. Gold.