Panda Broad

Panda Broad

We live in such a fast paced world always living for tomorrow.....I feel so blessed creating Magical Visions and Rorshacs...mainly from the South West of Western Australia....I am guided by Spirit (Joy and Beauty) and inspired by Mother Earth...I invite you to journey into endless possibilities....sometimes..when you look at these visions they can be confrontational...but, I believe that is where your head is at when viewing....and what you see today may not be what you see tomorrow please take your time...even flip them much to see...x

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Panda Broad has uploaded WOOLY

On a wintry night in Denmark W.A. Wooly started to draw this and gave it to me to finish...

Panda Broad has uploaded Faeries

Jarrahdale Forest party...

panda-broad has uploaded Old Fashioned

A little this and a little that, stepping back in time

panda-broad has uploaded Journey

On a moonlit night on Melbourne waters..

panda-broad has uploaded Feather Being

Using Rooster feathers and grass..

My friends property as the sun set..Gods lighting...peace

panda-broad has uploaded Landing

Fremantle seagull coming in to land ..graceful and peacefull

panda-broad has uploaded Touch

The Blackwood River is surrounded by beautiful Forest...touching a Marri and giving through my fingertips..forever grateful

Using butterfly, paper and plate..mirrored and adjusted in negative

panda-broad has uploaded Presence

Using milk and food coloring this beautiful face appeared..interplanetary presence

panda-broad has uploaded PEACE

Driving through Beautiful Bridgetown, on way home...I noticed horse...where would we be without horse...strength,power..peace

Created from a broken mirror..the face within

panda-broad has uploaded Reflection

Using a broken mirror and lighting.. an angelic face appeared..

panda-broad has uploaded Gods Light

On a glorious spring morning in Beautiful Bridgetown......Gods light shines upon a one hundred year old Oak Tree...

Beautiful Bridgetown in the South West of W.A. Right place at the right time...

Stopping to hug my favourite Karri in Nannup...noticed this very old stair case.. so quiet..peaceful...entry to the Biblumum Track...

Experiencing three months on a prawning trawler the *Sea Fever" a cook and deckhand..boarding with Tiara, feather boa and emery board..Amazing experience..Pulling in the nets I gave thanks for this beautiful Sea Horse...not too keen on handling sea snake and sharks but a wonderful experience..

My favourite animal..I feel blessed every time they greet me..flying past landing in my trees...always calling out with their beautiful song alerting me to their presence...always calling first with their amazing song...

Driving through beautiful Bridgetown I noticed this beautiful Horse looking at me..Horse is one of my animal spirit opportunity not to let slip by.

Created using light and glass lamp on moving stand