Papa Shabba

Papa Shabba

The artist "Papa Shabba", was born as an East Prussian / Seminole Indian in the United States of America. The creative vein, he inherited from his father. Even during his puberty, he always felt the urge to find his own technique.

In the footsteps of Hemingway, Papa Shabba crossed almost the whole world, always looking for new art techniques. Numerous customers in USA, Netherland, Africa & Germany. Even during his service as a paratrooper in a crisis reaction unit, he left behind some of his artworks at the war sites.

Because of his artistic talent in various exhibitions and the completion in a painting trade, he was authorized to study advertising and graphic design. After completing his diploma, he switched to the media design to explore the digital art. The press photography, a number of workouts and cooperation with various advertising agencies rounded off his training. In 2001, the state of Germany approved him as an artist.

The artist lives in Norway today and after an accident with a table saw his artwork had a break for a long time. But now he is back with old and new works. In his opinion, art is always how the people see it and not everyone understands his works, but maybe it moves someone to creates something by their own.

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