Papposilenos is a freelance illustrator, comic artist, and production designer. His favorite art movement is the Symbolists of the late 19th century. He likes monsters, robots, science, puppets, all kinds of music, and ADVENTURE! However, he LOVES drawing. He will fight for his dreams until the day that he dies.

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Originally designed as a series of advertising for a local music festival. For a limited time I am running these Mayan inspired prints for your enjoyment!

papposilenos has uploaded Cat Nap

These two adorable kittens are Azia and Khan. They enjoy jumping, playing, but most importantly, sleeping.

Aww, they're so cute!

This illustration depicts a variety of strange characters direct from my imagination, concluding a delicious feast in the center of a dark, black void.

papposilenos has uploaded The One Ring

A basic representation of Good vs. Evil, this illustration was done left-handed.

papposilenos has uploaded Desert Moon

Illustration based on landscapes in the south-western United States.

papposilenos has uploaded Knights

This illustration is based on two real medieval jousting helms from the 14-16th century.

This colorful children's illustration shows parents why they shouldn't leave their children alone for too long!

An illustration of the mad tea party from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland".

To me, the whole story clearly took place in Alice's mind as an attempt to capture the ambiguity and inconsistency of dreams.In most modern versions of this story, Alice is always a teenager, but to me it was very clear in the intent of the story that Alice was a little girl dreaming her little girl fantasies.

For my version of the characters, I wanted them all to be extra wacky but I especially wanted Alice to be a young girl, maybe only eight or nine years old.

papposilenos has uploaded Gasoline's not getting any cheaper...

This was the result of a new Pentel brush pen and an obsession with lines.

Oh lines, how I love you.

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Jack Teagle is a freelance illustrator currently living in South West England. He divides his time between commercial work, drawing comics and painting. Since graduating from the University of Plymouth in 2009 Jack has worked with a variety of clients, had 3 solo shows, taken part in many group shows and had his comics 'Jeff Job hunter' and 'Fight!' released by Nobrow Press.

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Graphic designer, Illustrator & filmmaker

papposilenos has uploaded Subsurface

This illustration was inspired by drawing I did when I was eight. It was the first drawing I ever received an award for and most likely a catalyst for being the artist that I am today.

It was a really fun experiment for myself to recreate an old piece and reveal to myself how much I've grown.

papposilenos has uploaded Monster Mosh

Why would you Mash when you could Mosh?

papposilenos has uploaded Monster Mosh

Why would you Mash when you could Mosh?