Patrick O'Leary

Patrick O'Leary

Thank you for the comments and feedback. I hope you find a photograph that is to your liking and suitable for your needs. Images and text copyright Patrick O'Leary 2011.
I photograph when light shows an ordinary subject as different, unique, compelling, flattering and beautiful. I wish to capture a scene that will encourage a meditative and intimate connection with you. My hope is to strengthen our awareness of the world around us and of the fragility, beauty and sacredness of life.
Patrick was born in Edmonton, Canada and lived in southern Ontario and in England during his childhood. The extraordinary galleries, museums and gardens of London and the rugged Yorkshire countryside stimulated Patrick's passion for art and nature at an early age. Upon returning to Canada, his interest in art was further inspired by the natural beauty across the country. He chose photography, using natural light, as the medium to interpret what he saw. His objective is that each image appear painted, using only camera and film.
After receiving a BA from Trent University, Patrick worked as Editor/Researcher for the Arts on The Canadian Encyclopedia in Edmonton, before moving to Vancouver. Following twenty years of editing and research in publishing, in 1995 he made a career change to professional photography. He began creating his portfolio, specializing in flower and garden photographs, using professional equipment and film. Use of the technique of "editing in camera" eliminated the need for editing or manipulation on a computer. Marketing started in 1999 in various formats, including framed prints, canvas transfers and greeting cards.
A few photographs were taken as long ago as 1978, using a basic manual Fujica ST801 35mm camera with Fujinon 50mm lens. Most of the photographs in the portfolio have been taken since 1995. In 1984, he began using a professional model camera. This was supplemented in 1995 with the top-of-the-line manual-focus 35mm Contax RTS III camera containing features unique to this brand. The entire foundation of the system is a series of high quality, manual focus, very heavy Zeiss lenses.
Patrick is dedicated to preserving the environment and the subjects of his photographs; therefore he does not own or drive an automobile. Most of the photographs in his portfolio were captured by using a bicycle or by carrying the necessary 30 pounds of equipment on foot. This unique "Scenics on Foot" approach lends an in-depth and personal touch to his art.
Contax RTS III manual focus 35mm SLR camera.
Zeiss lenses manual focus:
28mm Distagon f2.8
45mm Tessar f2.8
50mm Planar f1.4
85mm Sonnar f2.8
100mm Makro-Planar f2.8 Macro
200mm Tele-Tessar f4
100-300mm Vario-Sonnar zoom f4.5 - 5.6
Patience, persistence, perseverance and film. Originally Kodachrome 64 and now use Fuji Velia rated at 40 ASA, requiring patience for the wind to stop when photographing close-ups of flowers. Almost all work is taken in the field, in its natural setting with available light. As well as a tripod, a focusing rail is used for macro close-ups of flowers.
I hope you are moved by my work.

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Tankers in English Bay waiting to enter the Port of Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cedar tree, Thuja Plicata, on Bridle Trail, Stanley Park, late Summer, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sailors in rigging of sailing ship, preparing to Set Sail, Tall Ships Festival, Steveston, BC, Canada

Josephine hanging out the window, On the Lookout, Strathcona, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Balanced rock piles and candles, on boulder, taken from seawall, West End of Vancouver, looking toward Burrard Street Bridge, twilight, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The waterfront and Five Sails at Canada Place, dusk, full moon, fall, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Grouping of Helianthus annus, Sunflowers, in Van Dusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Looking into Sequoia tree branches, Victoria, BC, Canada

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Welcome, nice to see you here!
Willkommen, schön Dich hier zu sehen!

I create images. No rules.
Ich erstelle Bilder. Keine Regeln.

Here, your creativity is my delight.
Hier ist Deine Kreativität meine Freude.
Thanks for your pics.
Danke für Deine Bilder.

In the moment I have a deeply love-affair with Black and White - Photography. But it can change, you know how it can be with love... . I don't want to stand still, so everything can happen. But sure,I still love other stuff.

Im Moment habe ich eine Liebesaffäre mit der Schwarz/Weiß - Fotografie. Aber das kann auch vorbeigehen, wie das mit der Liebe so sein kann... . Ich möchte nicht "stillstehen", somit ist alles möglich. Natürlich mag ich auch noch andere Genres.

Further information:

Weitere Informationen:

For the digital arts I use only A. Photoshop. All elements (e.G. objects and backgrounds) are created by my own photographies as the only ressource for these pictures .

Für die digital arts benutze ich nur A. Photoshop. Alle Elemente dieser Bilder erschaffe ich mit meinen eigenen Fotografien.

For the photographies I prefer A. Lr.

Für die Fotografien bevorzuge ich A. Lr.

Ansonsten erstelle ich Internetpräsenzen und bin als IT-Consultant tätig. Oft für Künstler.
Schick mir eine mail bei Interesse:

I'm building homepages and work as a IT-Consultant. Mostly for artists.
If you are interested, please send me a email:

Alle Bilder und Inhalte unterliegen dem Copyright. Für die Verwendung von Bildern oder Inhalten, zu welchen Zwecken auch immer, ist die Zustimmung des Erstellers bzw. des geistigen Eigentümers, also meine Zustimmung, zwingend erforderlich. -->

Wish you all the best and thank you for looking.

Wünsche allen das Beste und bedanke mich fürs "angucken".

Liebe Grüße
kind regards

Holger ;-)

The tangential universe lurks everywhere. Be aware and stay brave!

Das Tangential-Universum lauert überall. Bleibe wachsam und tapfer!

"Der Gebrauch einer Kamera ist ähnlich der eines Messers: Man kann damit Kartoffeln schälen, aber auch eine Flöte schnitzen". (E.Kohlmeier)
Getreu diesem Zitat versuche ich immer wieder eine Flöte zu schnitzen..

Close-up of Strix varia, Barred Owl, at twilight, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Single hanging blossom of purple Clematis integrifolia Rooguchi, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tug approaching Brockton Point Lighthouse, from Brockton Oval, Stanley Park seawall, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Full Moon in August over Canada Place and Waterfront Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada

August Full Moon rising over The Five Sails at Canada Place, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Freelance Photographer, Filmmaker.
Has been working as a filmmaker for imagefilms and tv-spots but also for children ́s television.
Traveled a lot as a photographer.

Based in Ruhrgebiet, Germany.

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Ich liebe malen, fotografieren, gestalten, schreiben, Heilarbeit, Natur pur und meine Liebsten,Inspiration,reisen.. In meiner Heilarbeit darf ich einfach Atome im Körper verändern - wieder in die göttliche Ordnung bringen. Dies erfüllt mein Leben und geschieht auf vielfache Weise - Händeauflegen, Fernbehandlungen, Bilder, Texte die ich schreibe, durch Botschaften der Natur die ich weitergebe, durch meine Bücher, wie "Sirius der Junge mit dem Paragleiter", "Leben im Flügelschlag meines Herzens", die CD "Unternehmen Leben - zu mir stehen voll und ganz"

Ich bin jetzt dabei Art Flakes zu entdecken :) Ich habe ebenfalls Bilder auf Ebenso nutzt mein Partner die Mygall Gallery und diese Werke sind unter zu sehen. Es begeistert uns, unserem Sehen - Fühlen - Sein Ausdruck zu geben in Bildern. Es ist wunderschön, diese Freude mit so vielen Gleichgesinnten zu teilen. Danke und ein wundervolles 2014 für alle die dies lesen :)

PS: Danke, dass Mygall und Artflakes so eine tolle Möglichkeit bieten.

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Award winning North American photographer. President of the Staten Island Camera Club Exhibited at Art by the Bay, Wagner College's Spotlight Gallery and the Victory Coffee Shop, The Gallery at the JCC. I enjoy making photographs and love sharing them with others. Never, ever can predict what my camera will capture next, always ready and anticipating something grand.

As for the Art my images speak for themselves.

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dedmanshootn is just an old geezer that likes to point a camera at things and push the button. i also enjoy reading, eating and good conversation. i enjoy artistry in all its facets, and can spend hours looking through photos and art on-line, and i love listening to music also. i spend even more hours reading, a life-long (well...from 4yrs old anyway) passion, and enjoying good drama/comedy movies and tv.