Paul Allender

Paul Allender

In 1996, I started work at a local design company where I was first introduced to Photoshop. Fascinated by the capabilities of this software, I set about gathering as
much information and tutorials on the program as possible.
After endless hours of experimentation and learning curves I started producing art
for advertisements and various bands.

Since learning Photoshop I have ventured into the areas of animation with
After Effects & Cinema 4D, compositing with Shake, film with Final Cut Pro and
DVDs with DVD Studio Pro as well as various website design using Dreamweaver.
My work has been seen on the internet, merchandise, music award shows and DVDs.

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Paul Allender has uploaded Chaos

This is a pencil piece i decided to do and then scan sections into photoshop to finish it off.

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This is portfolio by a freelancer illustrator Kotryna Zukauskaite aka Kata Illustration.

//Looking for an AGENT for British/European market//

Vilnius - Moscow - London



FACEBOOK FAN PAGE:!/pages/Kata-Kiosk/175076925843579


I'm inspired by symbols and metaphors, Aesopian Language, fairy-tales, folk tradition, ornaments, Hieronymus Bosch and European art of his life-time, education, diversity of human capacities and talents, brain explorations, statistics and other data, languages, literature, politics, social issues, and living in different countries.

Alma Littera publish., New Scientist magazine, Šviesa publish. (electronic educational games department), Scaent Baltic Energy, Miesto IQ magazine (IQ. The Economist since April 2010), Lithuanian National Television, Pravda magazine, Cukrus Magazine, YEN magazine, EU project 'Vilnius - European capital of culture 2009', UK STYLE shop in Moscow and others


Mistakes, 20/21-12-2008, in Project Fabric, Moscow

End-year show, June 2009, BSHAD, Moscow

Degree show Stick 'em up, June 2010, Kingston University, London

Stick 'em up #2, June 2010, LBI, London

End-year show, (as an ex-student), June 2010, BSHAD, Moscow

Haarlem Stripdagen, bi-annual event on a theme of Eastern European illustration, June 2010, Netherlands


Vodka Russian Standard, Christmas communication piece, winner, 2008, live project in BHSAD, Moscow

D&AD student awards, IN BOOK, 2009 (music video for pigsy in space)

Creative Quarterly, place in online gallery, issue 17 (published on december, 2009)

3x3 Merit winner in animation category (professional show), 2010


Collage/Montage (Hand-made / Adobe Photoshop) mixed with Vector illustrations (Adobe Illustrator)

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Artist / Illustrator / Designer living in Los Angeles, CA.

BFA from The College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, MN.

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Meine Arbeitsschwerpunkte als Freelancer liegen auf Konzept, Redaktion und Gestaltung, Fotografieren ist meine Leidenschaft. Ich bin Fan von allem, was intelligent und überraschend designt ist, vom Interieur bis zum Lesezeichen.

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Landschaftsarchitekt, Hobbyfotograf und Hobbymusiker

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ART. FOR ANY OF THE MANY ROOMS YOU LIVE IN. I started building art through design with digital pixels and vectors. This lead to transparent layers of grayscale and color.

Each piece of digitally designed art is built from colonies of brushes developed in CS5 from previous work.

The brushes evolve the art.

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Paul Allender has uploaded Nightmare

This image was inspired by the film Silent Hill.

Inspired by the comic 30 Days of Night.

Paul Allender has uploaded In Loving

With this image i basically started with a blank canvas and created it as I went along, had no idea what it was going to turn out like!! lol (;,,;)

Paul Allender has uploaded Encounter

I decided i wanted to do something more surreal than my usual images, so I created this image based on more of an alien feel.

Inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft story "The Call Of Cthulhu"

Original photo was taken whilst i was on tour in Finland.

Inspired by the cult 1973 film "The Exorcist"