Paul Ockleshaw

Paul Ockleshaw

Paul moved into professional Photography in 2008 whilst living in Hong Kong. His creative eye which has fuelled his Fashion career of 15 years is further expressed in the images he shoots.

His experience in the Fashion Industry adds a huge fun element of Make-up, Hair, Styling, and Art Direction to every shoot.....his passion for a story, a theme, an emotion is cultivated through his experience and then shot through his lens.

Portraits are his area personal passion.......the instability of the human psyche and the expression of emotion, whether true to the individual, or a take on the individuals insecurities fuels Paul's passion for the perfect portrait.

Paul has exhibited his work in Australia, and is soon to be showing more of his stunning Photographic work in Europe.

((Please note....There are no stock Images used in Paul's work, All styling, make-up, hair, and art direction is produced by Paul))

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