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********************************************************************Vielen Dank für eure Likes !
**********************************************************************************Margit Wimmer lebt und arbeitet in Klosterneuburg bei Wien, Österreich.
Neben der eigenen künstlerischen Tätigkeit war sie auch Kunstpädagogin. Prägend für ihr weiteres künstlerisches Schaffen war die intensive Auseinandersetzung mit contemporary art, besonders bei Studienaufenthalten in Europa und den USA.

Margit Wimmer präsentierte ihr Bilderquartett "love_symphony 1 - 4" in der Galleria De Marchi in Bologna, Italien, im Rahmen der Exhibition "little treasures".
Bei diversen Ausstellungen, wie etwa auf Schloss Schönborn, Österreich, einer Benefizveranstaltung zugunsten der Hochwasseropfer in Klosterneuburg, und einer Auktion im Dorotheum Wien (siehe artnet Margit Wimmer) konnten bereits Exponate der Klosterneuburger Künstlerin erworben werden.
2016 werden einige ihrer Bilder in Madrid, Bologna und Wien ausgestellt.

Weitere Bilder auf

Margit Wimmer is living and doing her artwork in Klosterneuburg near Vienna, Austria.
Besides creating her art she holds a Teaching Certificate in Art Education and also had several study trips within Europe and to the USA.
She presented her artworks at the Dorotheum Auction House in Vienna (see artnet Margit Wimmer), at exhibitions in Vienna, Austria, and at Galleria De Marchi in Bologna, Italy in 2015.

She also contributes some of her paintings to auctions for fund raising purposes
(e.g. for the flood victims along the River Danube).

In 2016 paintings of hers are on shows in Spain, Italy and Austria.

You can contact the artist via her HOMEPAGE:
More of her paintings are on

Copyright: Meine Werke unterliegen dem Urheberrecht und dürfen ohne meiner Zustimmung in keiner Weise gespeichert, weiterverwendet, vervielfältigt oder kopiert werden.
Copyright belongs to Margit Wimmer. All rights reserved.
All of her designs and artwork do not belong to the public domain and the purchase of any of her prints or originals does not transfer reproduction rights.
Copying and / or distributing these images without her permission is strictly prohibited.

film photography, lisbon

film photography, lisbon

film photography, lisbon

Pedro Celestino is now following Dawn Derringer

by Alex Browne - Peace Arch News
posted Jan 8, 2014 at 2:00 PM
Semiahmoo Peninsula artist Dawn Derringer’s current show of paintings, Peripeteia, runs at Good Day Sunshine Café, 100 - 2950 King George Blvd., until Jan. 31.

An agent, executive director and project co-ordinator for more than 35 years in the movie, television and recording industries, she has also been painting since the age of four.

A native of North Vancouver, Derringer furthered her artistic education at Grant MacEwan University College in Edmonton, receiving the Grant MacEwan Multimedia Award in 1995.

Refocusing on her artwork over the last two years, Derringer has studied with accomplished Canadian painter Dianne Alexandria McRae.

Following an exploration of acrylics, she is now experimenting with watercolours to create expressionistic, semi-abstract works inspired by polyphonic composition, dramatic contrasts, sensual colours and a quest for inner peace.

These themes are highly evident in her latest work, which envisions ‘astral travels’ through a dream technique called astral projection – allowing the human spirit to travel beyond the earthly forces of chaos and confusion.

The title Peripeteia, drawn from Greek philosophy, represents a “sudden or unexpected change of situation or events; a turning point or reversal of circumstances.”

For more information on Derringer’s show and café opening hours, call 778-989-0369.

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I have been painting for many years on canvas and paper.

I have sold many paintings over the years to many private and corporate buyers such as MTV and THE GAP

I get my inspiration from everyday life and things around me, I include three black cats in most of my pictures.

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Schön das du in mein Profil gefunden hast
wie bei dir ist mein Hobby Fotografieren ich finde
alte Ruinen und Fabriken klasse und bin immer für Tipps
Es wäre auch schön eine Gruppe zufinden mit der man
dann auf Tour gehen kann Wer nun noch mehr wissen will
schreibt mich einfach an

Alle von mir veröffentlichten Aufnahmen unterliegen dem Urheberrecht und dürfen ohne meine ausdrückliche Einwilligung nicht verwendet, vervielfältigt oder veröffentlicht werden!

"Maria do Mar" (1930), um filme mudo português realizado por Leitão de Barros, centra-se num amor espartilhado entre naufrágio e suicídio, ódio e reconciliação.

Existência madrasta de quem vive do mar. O negro é intemporal, belo, elegante e sedutor.
"Maria do Mar" (1930), a silent film directed by Portuguese Leitão de Barros, focuses on a love corseted between sinking and suicide, hatred and reconciliation.

Welcome and thanks for having a look at my portfolio! I'm an Austrian emerging photographer living in Berlin, Germany. My interests range from travel photography, long exposure shots to black and white. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any requests you may have regarding my works. Just e-mail me: tkeuschn [at] googlemail [dot] com . Thank you!

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Living Loving Maid She's Art!... Everywhere Surrounding Us... Flerting Her! Athens/Greece

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