Petros Vasiadis

Petros Vasiadis

Living Loving Maid She's Art!... Everywhere Surrounding Us... Flerting Her!
Graphic designer and art director for several years on publishing & advertising.
Illustration & photography are my creative point of view.

Publisher of NEu Tymes:


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Will Birdwell is a Houston based artist who specializes in serene abstract oil paintings.

A step beyond with a postmodern graphic for a better shutting the hard days off!

A water colored painting on news' paper describing a scene of a couple in a club discussing music while having a good time. The atmosphere of great moments shared.

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I am an autodidact as far as photography goes.
The passion started when I was 8 years old, when my father bought me a Kodak Brownie 127. The joy of the viewfinder had begun.
I have worked with medium format cameras both film and digital composing that image through the giant viewfinder was glorious, really looking at what is being framed, in focus and out.
For flexibility, 35mm film then digital became my choice, giving me the freedom to carry my kit over my shoulder to far flung places around the world. Progressing to a full frame digtal camera getting me as close as I could to MF.
My shooting other than studio work is not premeditated, I work with what I see on the day and the time.
I shoot stock and it is licensed through stock photo libraries as diverse as Abode Stock and Dreamstime to name a few and on sale here as finished printed artwork.

I have had Three one person exhibitions.

Thanks for your interest in my work.

Now back to my viewfinder.

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The typographic term of the eye.

A foggy early morning shoot as a station to show that the love and believing in something sacred can wash everything away. And the mist finally shall pass.

Back to basics. There's a great sun outside!

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Die Zeit - ein wichtiger Faktor in unserem Leben, denn jeder Moment ist
Durch die Fotografie können wir jedoch den Zauber des Augenblicks einfangen
und uns jederzeit wieder in Erinnerung bringen.

Meine Bilder unterliegen dem Urheberrecht.
Ohne mein Einverständnis dürfen sie nicht vervielfältigt, verändert oder veröffentlicht werden.

Die Nutzung oder Vermarktung der Bilder aus dem Krefelder Zoo ist zudem nur mit der
Quellenangabe "Zoo Krefeld/P.Biesenkamp" erlaubt.

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Ich liebe die Natur. Den Wind am Meer, Muscheln, die Stille des Waldes. Den Geruch von Tannennadeln und Erde. Den Frieden, hoch oben auf einem Berg. Den blauen Himmel über mir. Manchmal das gleißende Sonnenlicht- - Nebel und Regen- und vieles mehr...
Seit einiger Zeit versuche ich kostbare Momente mit der Kamera festzuhalten. Meine Kamera ist ein Erbstück-
Ein Profi bin ich nicht, manchmal gelingt es gut, manchmal weniger und bisweilen gar nicht und oftmals ist alles "murks"- aber damit bin ich sicher nicht allein-
Meine Arbeiten sind Momente, in denen ich unterwegs war und bin, wenn ich gerade mal nicht arbeite und etwas mehr Freizeit habe.
Vielleicht begleiten Sie mich hier ein wenig, in dem Sie die Fotos betrachten. Das wäre schön, denn geteilte Freude ist doppelte Freude.
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Alles Liebe
Nadja Pellegrini...alias Strandfunde...

A special design for the newborn 2018.
A happy year full of fresh light to your hearts!

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Message received - once for all times. Live!

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The answer is you to the quest for life and her value seeking.
You may be cheerful & playful to your journey cause there are limits to be passed.

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The result of the power of music at big audience soul reflection of a possible mass death surrounded by the hyper hug of a sunny sky.

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Anything you wish is about good temperature and sound. Just to feel like you wanted to.

Having the conditions in comfort for fun & sharing.