Phil Perkins

Phil Perkins

Phil Perkins is a photographer, artist and graphic designer living in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the United States of America. He is an avid hiker who is especially fond of waterfalls, and describes his creative work as 'an eclectic collection of unusually imaginative designs'.

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This structural digital artwork of a local theater ticket booth and front entry is based on a photograph.

A lot has changed over the years on the red planet. Well, wait a minute. Strike that. This isn't even Mars, just a digital collage of what it might look like if it had an atmosphere.

This black and white photograph was taken along Middle Prong Little River, located in the Tremont section of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

Located in the Cherokee National Forest near Greenville, Tennessee, Margarette Falls stands 60-feet tall, has a plunge pool, and the hike along Dry Creek provides many smaller waterfalls to enjoy. It's a very popular location, so visitors are encouraged to arrive early. Featured here is a smaller waterfall located upstream.

Phil Perkins has uploaded Desert River

Though water is present, this arid desert digital landscape shows no signs of vegetation.

On top of the world, a mysterious ringed pyramid with floating blue orb is the only landmark on an otherwise barren digital landscape.

I recently visited the Foothills Parkway in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, near Wears Valley, and took this sunrise silhouette photograph.

I set down on the mid-sized planet of Alpha Centauri, with dwindling fuel reserves but food rations sufficient to sustain me for another few days.

In the distance, my objective - the glowing sphere of Trevallon, an encased repository of ancient, inter galactic data. It also has 24-hour food service, Tang, and an air hockey table, I'm told.

Now, if I could only get beyond this sea of deadly, corrosive acid...

This photograph of white water rapids was taken on Little River, in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

Enjoy this digital collage of sunlight reflecting on clouds at sunset, with the graphic silhouette of a meadow and tree in the foregroun

I took this photograph several years ago while it was snowing in Michigan. Specifically, this is a branch of the Huron River, as seen from Island Drive in Ann Arbor.

Phil Perkins has uploaded Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is Latin and translates as meaning, "seize the day". A good creed to live by, everyday!

Enjoy this abstract, textural sun mandala design with symmetry and a color palette of orange, grey and red.

Oh, wait...I found another. Make that 1,048,576. Whew, glad I caught that. The point is, this is another of many of my abstract designs, so many that assigning a unique name per design has become cumbersome, if not impossible. Why 1,048,576? It's just a number derived by doubling, beginning at 1. I hope you enjoy my art.

Do you see a wolf? A turtle? A mushroom? Whatever you can imagine, you'll enjoy this design on a variety of cool merchandise.

This gritty, black and white winter photograph was taken of a Greek revival structure, located along Huron River in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which had doorways but no doors.

Cresting the top edge of the mountain, I could see four large silver spheres aligned into the distance within a rocky surface. It was a nice day and I had time to explore.

Enjoy this three dimensional digital artwork of an abstract metallic structure with bronze.

It was quite cold during my recent visit to Cades Cove, with a coating of ice on the grasses and trees.